Dillon Garcia

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Dillon Garcia was born into a one-parent household in Whittier, California where he was inspired by superb comics to initiate and develop his own comedy care…


acekonnofear says:

Lmaoo!! Badass´╗┐

RichoneDJ says:

”bitch you ugly” LMAO!

MrLminglehart says:

Love this video

Gary Duncan says:

Great comedy

statia98 says:

love it

Amber Ramirez says:

love it!

statia98 says:

love it

TheBigfranco1 says:

He looks like a young Hispanic ralphie may

hassan almohsin says:

waiting for him to be big

TheYOUNAN69 says:


Mr831saladbowl says:

Funny as hell great job!! Can’t wait to see you in Salinas next month !!
Look out for my Ray Martinez he will be performing also!!

Wahan Wam says:

“Yo’ this dude is blind,who the hell told him I was fat?”

travis knighton says:

Bitch you ugly hahahahahahaha´╗┐

Pedro Solis says:

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