Edge Of Tomorrow Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt Movie HD

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Ozymandias says:

It feels like I have already watched this movie

Thehubb1 says:

Looks sweet! Also Emily Blunt is hot!

haltopen12 says:

So they’ve taken the experience of playing a really hard level in a video
game over and over until you beat it and turned it into a movie. 

peter griffin says:

if it wasnt tom cruise i would be more interested.

Alejandro Rodriguez says:

For those who don’t know, this movie is actually based upon a manga
originally called All you Need is Kill

bigollameo says:

Warhammer 2.014k?

manz92 says:

why not make a decent budget halo movie, or a mass effect movie, not saying
this movie is bad but if you want to make a sci-fi movie with substance and
deep lore, those games combined have a better tale to tell than the
majority of these sci-fi flicks, not to mention the fact so much more hard
research goes into games these days. Get good director, and halo, and you
have a awesome movie right there.

thecrowrains says:

Tom Cruise and Owen Wilson each share an uncanny resemblance, in the nose. 

GroinFaceGroin says:

Oh man Lord Xenu is gonna love this! 

MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

Emily Blunt & Tom Cruise battle aliens in the new ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’

Luke harpur says:

i hope it lives up to the manga! 

ahmed mostafa says:

is that daft punk in the ost ?

athleticnrg says:

This movies looks good I just hope it isn’t like Oblivion that sucked. I
also hope it’s not like Elysium with all those dirty wetbacks destroying
the earth and then trying to populate another good thing then turning that
to trash. 

Johnny Sahn says:

Thanks to the video editing sequence @1:03-1:17 along with the musical
score my emotions were pulled out from within and I have to see this movie
now when I was once not interested 😀
Emily Blunt’s character looks to be a serious badass, reminds me of a
Warhammer 40k commander or something of the sort haha

muhammad akmal says:

All You Need Is Kill ….

ScreamofTruth says:

What is this? An action packed Groundhog Day?

Just me 〈3 says:

Mindfuck movie, am i right?

SIze Barnes says:

Same shit different year
I need to ask Tom to direct a film with me, keep him away from the big
screen so others can have a chance.

amanda chan says:

Oh my god
Tom cruise awesome
Perfect movie…

Seb Aqua says:

What is this gears of war or warhammer. CGI EFFECTS are not enough to make
a good movie and tom cruises last sci fi effort oblivion was not good at
all maybe hes trying to redeem himself with this one

geobruf123 says:

is tom cruise finally starting to age? stop making action movies tom,
before its too late

Derek Gama says:

This is based off of All You Need Is Kill, a Japanese manga.

MK Osman says:

As Oblivion wasn’t enough

overclockedamd123 says:

Its like groundhog day and the matrix had a lovechild.

alcoholichamster says:

i will this movie only for special effects

Ianter West says:

Defiantly a good one to go see this year

Tina Uchiha says:

I love tom cruise! He is so hot! *-* 

Arran Johnson says:

so oblivion 2 looks cool

Hilda Rodriguez says:

Looks lame

Gara Sand says:

oh must watch toms movie … aare humans doing the invasion this time 

BrundleFly says:

I’m confused.com, but you can call me brian.

Luis Borges says:


gavo1201 says:

Wow!! Looks very interesting.. I see only one issue with this movie.. TOM

Gatsby O. says:

This is from the manga =3 titled “all you need is kill”

martin johnsen says:

musics weird as s***

lakshya sharma says:

this movie is going to 2014

astralplainer says:

Just a hint of ‘Source Code’ in here.


Sceintology eh

Arjun Srivastava says:

Can’t wait

bruceolee says:

so let me get this straight. Source Code meets gears of war? Hollywoods
NEEDS better ideas!!!

Untalented Panda says:

this is so stupid

slevin sleven says:

OMG inspired by EVE & Dust 514 !!!!

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