Edge of Tomorrow Official Trailer #2 (2014) – Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt Movie HD

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TheCornbeefsoup says:

Reminds me of ‘Source Code’

halohalo768 says:

To any one who doesn’t know.
This movie is based on the Japanese light novel (young adult) All You Need
Is Kill.
Written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

Light Yagami says:

It’s sad that they give so little credit to the original story they were
working with.
“All you need is kill” is a manga that centers on a boy who dies in a war
with aliens and has to constantly be revived to fight them. This movie is a
adaption of that. Don’t know why the original name couldn’t work, sounds
badass. Had to make it sound Hollywood. 

Lomax0506 says:

I hope Punxsutawney Phil makes a cameo.

Rasper Jilius says:

So many sci-fi movies coming out this year #spock 

kilpatrickfilms says:

they might as well make a Halo movie that’s what this looks like kind of 

Chris Akazone says:

From the maker of death note,
written as a manga,
All you need is kill (or in this case Tom Cruise in an anime live action

Joe Padilla says:

you suck tom , will never waist ma money on his crap again

Tiago Sacramento says:

Glitch Mob – Becoming Harmonious (1:15)

Kyndra S says:

It’s like ground hogs day but more action packed

David Dewis says:

What is it with American films having to show that most of rest of the
world has fallen and couldn’t possibly stand up to the alien invasion
force. Putting aside the major countries in the EU and their armies for a
second, some countries in the Middle East such as Israel have some of the
most advanced weapons in the world. Don’t get me wrong the idea of a last
stand is kind of the pinnacle (some would say cliche) of many action
movies. But it does seem like, and I say this as a Brit, most American
films give the impression that nobody could possibly survive and alien
invasion or monster apart from them. 

MRSketch09 says:

Here’s hoping the director does the manga justice and makes it better.

TheNorth15 says:

(Seriously though. Does this plot reminds you of Kenny from South Park)

vladiator011 says:

This has Tom Cruise in it so i know its gonna be awesome =p 

xp0lym4thx says:

another film that has boring cliche plot. Meh better off without tom

Muntazir Raza says:

Why do aliens always have to be the bad guy? They can’t all be bad unless
of course they’re being brainwashed by there leaders. And maybe to them,
we’re the bad guys, I guess it just depends on who’s invading and whether
or not that they come in peace.

ender25ish says:

this movie looks pretty baddass…..not really forever wars…..but it does
have exosuits, aliens and time shit………..not gonna lie….probably
going to go see this when it comes out

timmy yong says:

So……a some sort of sci-fi Inception?

Santiago Sepulveda says:

You guys should read the Manga adaptation of the novel. It really is good.
Its called “all you need is kill”

XerxiesLv426 says:

I don’t really like Tom Cruise but I may just overlook that fact for this

Sebastien Galy says:

Oh damn its begin the war with machine against ALIEN MACHINE AHAHA

Mr.Blocks4TnT says:

this is not the end

Simon Bison says:

Looks like Groundhog Day crossed with Gears of War.

Claude Bédard says:

and yet another ripoff…

Eric Leeson says:

looks good.

Haylee Cat says:

This looks absolutely dreadful. 

James Bond says:

If Any one is looking for the music that start’s at 1.15 !! I have uploaded
that music in my channel !!:-))

pinda kaas says:

matrix sentinels?

mark hume says:

live action all you need is kill,japanese manga 

TheLastPotato says:

The only thing this movie have in common with the book is the loops….i
hope they dont change the end at least

soyfaa says:

katy perry

Anthony Nguyen says:

This gonna be a blockbuster ! whoa

root8ble says:

sounds similar to source code

Peter Sserwanga says:
Beatle1283 says:

Its the future… and for some reason helmets are obsolete but full body
armour is not?

Patrick Kleven says:

Groundhog day much!

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