Edward Maya – FEELING ( Official 4th Single ) New Hit 2014

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Chilly Moth says:

Added this song to my favourites even though it sounds gay – maybe enrique
eglasias (sorry for spelling) would be better vocals to such a wonderful

Serge Magnavox says:

The entire time I was listening to it I was like eh. What’s with all the
songs tide days dreaming up some beautiful girls or hit guys. It’s nice,
but not the only thing in life worth mentioning especially on a massive

Eiira Tycash says:

kind same song like before…. but not bad :D

Foued Sableoui says:


Ramu S says:

Thanks For Upload…………

kalsoom khan says:

mindblowing song beautifull voice

Habib Rahman says:

nice song

Ziaulhaq afzali says:

I like this song so mach

Helle Annette Jensen says:

♥•*´¨♥ ♪♫ •* My only love in this world David im so in heaven when I think
of you this feeling is Godgiven im keeping u close to my heart my love is
on fire <3 <3 <3 ur evrything thats bedautiful to me ill allways love u
4ever in my heart my beautiful angel David ♥•*´¨♥ ♪♫ •*´¨♥ ♪

elflecha007 says:

Crap… new son w old rhythm and sounds… dissapointed

Pollyana Silva says:

Very cool!

Subhraneel Ray says:


Anfal Alwheid says:

I like it too much

Alejandro Ranzahuer says:

===DSometimes I smoke weed to forget my problems, I am the selfsucker

Elizabeth Alvarez says:

Not bad, not bad at all. The beat is awesome

Grzegorz Bartnik says:

Fajny,klimatyczny kawalek.

pryncessable says:

This is beautiful. Well done Ed Maya!

Who would dislike this song? Why?Smh

Orsolya Héring says:


Ayman Derbas says:

Coool amazing song

shalom mia says:

my like songs

Bikash Debnath says:

wow…the song made me feel her!!

Kanaky ykmsiulyaaivb says:

i love the melody!!!!!!!!!! <3

Faiz Abdulla says:

Maya you are awwesome… 

Anthony Hernandez says:


Nana Maharani says:

this is absolutely sexy. if anyone think this symphony sounds gay, u must
be a gay -_-

amer rawa says:

not that good ..

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