Edward Maya – FRIENDS FOREVER – NEW SONG / 2012

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EDWARD MAYA present Mayavin – FRIENDS FOREVER http://www.facebook.com/EdwardMayaOfficial.


Joel Jerushan says:

Edward Maya – FRIENDS FOREVER – NEW SONG / 2012

gopipuli GP says:

*Just Enjoy The Song G+!!*

Luchezar Dossev says:
med amine says:

tres belle chanson ; ) !!!!

Alex Garrido says:

WOW! I just discover this song! love it love it! Such a positive song!
From the creator of Stereo Love
#stereolove #dj #positivesong #positivethinking 

yoammaifostpeaici says:

AntarctiDa? wtf? are u stupid or what?

Cornel Emil Tabaranu says:
let the music says:
roosevelt alban says:

Playa! <3

Adam Miller says:

it seems like edward maya is always wearing sunglasses or driving?

Franck Lyndon Baguy says:

tres belle melodie , du costaud ce maya

Cristi Ifteme says:

Frumoasa nelodia

Gilson Nunes says:

Brazil love…. Edward maya

มณฑินี พิมล says:

T H A I L A N D #aonbakery1989 

Duncan Boswell says:

This song is great

Momiz Ramm says:


Arleth Echegoyèn says:

Have a wonderful nite plusers….

Faysal Ashfaque says:

Love Knows No Limits & True Friendships Last A Life Time..!! FRIENDS

Amy Orey says:

Love love love LOVE this song!!!! Good friends are so hard to find!!

Ana Maria Anaya Ruiz says:

Friends Forever

Emi Gmz says:

relax take it eeeeeaaasy ¬¬

Lei Cruz says:

Love this song…

AbdelAli Azahaf says:


basilis tsif says:

especially to Creta….

Isabel Lara says:


Roman Watanabe says:

.. to change the feelings: http://youtu.be/B0t7C0gBXaA

Asmae Qat says:

<3 <3

Gilmer Carrion says:

q limda cansion 

Mak23_ says:

Beautiful songc:

emma cruxon says:

i think edward is my favourite artist of all time i just get lost in all
his songs



Lucas C. says:


Adel Dj says:

Take it easy…

Leonardo Rocha says:


Er.Sourabh Pal says:

Happy Friendship Day..

Gilson Nunes says:

Very good. I love Edwards music

basilis tsif says:

friends for ever and ever………..

hafiz rancak says:

Indonesian Loves You Tn Edward Maya

Senol Gucuyener says:

once every 5 to 10 years an artist comes out with a true musical talent you
are truly amazing mr maya

Rashagein Raha says:

I hate it

Samir Memmedov says:

FOREVER superrrr

Andra Maraciuc says:


Piercarlo Bennici says:

bella :)

Carlos Rascon says:

lo ultimo de edward maya

Jakub Sobotka says:

This song deserve more views!!!!

Slobodan Vilotijevic says:
guetta ne-Yo says:

I love Edward maya <3 !

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