Elias Kiflu – Yaa Damma Daamuu (Oromo Music 2014 New)

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Dhuga Himaa says:

A lot of oromo music are realised with high quality. Therefore, we need to
help by inviting them to the west that they can benefit a bit. You know
the street sellers copay and sell CD at low price and are making our
singers poor. We need to support them by going to all concerts in the west,
also inviting them. Help our artists grown, Nobody will help them.

keneni zewde says:

namat tola jabadhu ilma keenya

beti bera says:

i love it!

beti bera says:

yaa holataa wara kessanii waruma yaasetu qalattee
Lamii koo kun kan durii mitti barana haraan nudhalatee……..

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