Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

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Music video by Eminem performing Love The Way You Lie. © 2010 Aftermath Records at Nut Crazy Talent


kenpachi1327 says:

is that megan fox?

SkyElekta says:

Merry finally decided to leave Middle Earth and focus on getting a

T Cooper says:

No long paragraph. Check my music if you want to.

manoli leuci says:

i love rihanna

Francesco Catarinolo says:

Megan Fox!!!! <3
I'm seeing she just now!!?!! After 4 yers!!
I'm an asshole... LOOL

Tim Arthurs says:

Everytime I see this video I think the field Eminem is in is like right
down the road from the church Slash plays guitar at in November Rain

Internetin Fenomenleri says:

Best song of eminem… Greetings from turkey..

TheLolLiPosweety says:

For the people who don’t know. This video is about A B U S E! I like this
video because i had to go threw that with my EX bf. He never let me go any
where. Blood marks. Bruises. Pain that will NEVER go away. But i got threw
it..Now he’s in jail..I’m a survivor. <3 #Pain&Gain 

Mauri andres says:

Eminem + Rihanna + Megan Fox = PERFECTION *.*

SO FD says:

its Charlie of Lost. haha

silvia pacheco says:


'Hector Daniel says:


jeannie weber says:

so the song is about rape I don’t get it why?!

FanVH1D says:

To the 60,433 people who disliked this video; you’re lying!! Deuces minus
one, middle finger to you.

Dorotea Siepi says:

But you lied again

Gabriela Neagu says:

Eminem is sooo seeeexxxyyy!!!!<3<3<3

Lika Lagor says:

That makes no sence there’s a girl that he sleeps with and then there’s
Rihanna makes no sence but it’s a good video 

Иван Самойлов says:

Я 1

M Locklear says:

“All I know is I love you too much to walk away though.”

Jhuly Ferreira says:

Omg! This is so awesome.. Megan Fox <3'

DoubleVisonTeam says:

theres megan fox and the drugy guy from lost in this :D

Jenna Landrum says:

He got sharkeisha slapped : O

willshinodalp says:

Dominic Monaghan ex-Hobbit

Madd Town says:

if you have a second check out our music on our channel

Moina-Amina Mlamali says:

love it

ravi boodhoo says:

I love zis song ???

Jan LoLoLolO says:

So literally…respect from Europe. The best rapper ever.

Jetsael Villegas says:


SlapB0X says:

Eminem’s real fan like this comment!!

ronda butler says:

Wow sounds like me and my oldman

Alicone Anders says:

R.I.P Charlie

Anthony martin says:

To my husband 

Kevin Parker says:

some of his great lyrics

tia sims says:

I never noticed that he has his thumb nail painted until now lol

ThatSoFia17 says:

Megan Fox is the original Girl On Fire…

souheil mansouri says:

ilove this shit

Daniela Ballesteros says:

Eminem+Rihanna=Perfeccion :’33

Felipe Eduardo Merino says:


RajkovaHancika Behin says:


Mateus Henrique says:

Eminem forever

Michael Giella says:

It cool

Mike Litoris says:


emanuel agudelo says:

good Da song if you like

Michaa1223 says:

Rihanna sucks balls 

Nana Beyrouty says:

Rihanna so beautiful

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