Eminem – Not Afraid

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Music video by Eminem performing Not Afraid. (C) 2010 Aftermath Records #VEVOCertified on September 11, 2010.http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube…


RafaPlaysFPS says:


التكنلوجيا عالمي says:

so nice :)

Fiona Sturat says:

he never change <333

Ayush Negi says:

3:07 Dr. Dre beats, thats good advertising

MichaeLSwagTV says:

It piss me off that the big part or people dont understand that he is
rapping against the Illuminati. Research illuminati,skulls and bones,
Bilderberger, Rothchilds. Shit is really serious. Wake up. And to this
people who ignore or hate on my statement, fuck you, but have a nice day.

MisterCrazy says:

500.500.500 ¿?!!!!!!

Tyler Teague says:

I hate rap i think it sucks…i have respect to eminem even though it is
rap… only because he’s inspirational… all the others is all about
parties and drugs

Amr Tahditi says:

The best song ever !! 

Naing Lin says:

I’m afraid….

MacK NA says:

I’ve been down the same road.

Bruno Calderon says:

i’am not afraid bitches 

Nour Tamimi says:

Love u Eminem and love ur music but more like “Loved” u because
unfortunately u sold ur soul to the devil … “I sold my sould to the
devil, a crappy deal, but comes with toys and a happy meal” – Eminem …
Sad ;'(

Гилязитдинов Максим says:

He really God of rap =)

Oyun Konsolu says:


firas saad says:

who likes eminem likes this comment and fuck the haters

Blahahdlfh Jijijj says:


Brandon Fletcher says:

Well man this is illuminati why would it get so many views he basically
saying he is trying to escape illuminati but hes stuck

Joshua Montanez says:

comeback to us eminem :(

Ezio Auditore says:

:) I love 

Jonathan Browning says:

Swearing? With VEVO? BLASPHEMY!

Michael Botros says:


i Shook says:

I’m another rapper that’s inspired by Marshall, just trying to make music
people can relate to. I just uploaded my first track. Tell me what you
think. There’s a lot more to come, thank you for your time.

Cheryl Davies says:

Nice… but please don’t hold your tongue…. we see how it is???? Language
….please don’t let my children see this one…. shit!… positive talk
but who only those who have…. speak for the rest cause they threaten all
of us and refuse to see! What the systems does to WE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some just
don’t understand the language!

loque ndo says:


Craig Ward says:

The black guy who shouts ruins this song

Christie M says:

I’m not afraid!!!!! :)

Demond Banks says:

Amazing song dude

Ben Zito says:


Russell ChickenNugget says:


soran kamaran says:

very nice song

Dovs Davis says:

is the best reper in world

Ivo Ivanov says:

The best artist! 

Jacob Vinatieri says:

When Eminem jumped off the cliff he wasn’t falling his jacket was hanging
down whereas if he was falling the jacket would be going up around him

Juan Carlos Aguilar says:

This song he sings, he is saying thing about getting out of iluminatik and
shit but if you put this song backwards ill tell you another thing, dont
let them blind you… check my channel please i have good songs

Joel quispe cuba says:

NoT aFrAId

Gavin Croos says:

Lol so many followers on twitter but follows 0. True Boss

drivenhome says:

The power of ONE. The revolution is evolution
It’s not on drugs, it’s not illusioned, it’s not messed up.

haider dihya says:

he will change 

kwabena darko says:


PVP God says:


Evelina Mustonen says:


Uti Luiz Vallely says:

the best

luke mcintyre says:

i have listen to Eminem for 5 years 

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