Eminem – You Don’t Know ft. 50 Cent, Cashis, Lloyd Banks

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Music video by Eminem performing You Don’t Know. (C) 2006 Shady Records/Interscope Records.


Linn8966 says:

The guy in prison on the start is really, really sweet ♥ 

berat baykal says:

I m rapper and go fuck yourself illuminati.

Emre yılmaz says:

Eminem – You Don’t Know ft. 50 Cent, Cashis, Lloyd Banks

MrBhamalo says:

did they censore ”chamber”?

Thyago Genova says:

Very Hard

Brandon Beasley says:

I am a rapper that wants to inspire others. I’d appreciate anyone who check
out my music. I truly want to make a positive impact in this world

Gunit Shady says:

The Rap God, The Enforcer and The P.L.K.

BoySyndicate666 says:

As if they’ve censored this aswell stupid fucking cunts 

Nick Damned says:

Eminem still rocks here.

Buddy Guy says:

fuck I forgot how sick this song is to lift weights to

Samuel Jacklin says:

Why do black people think there so sick

lovely jack says:

Big LoVe frOm iraQ :)

Mohamed Stifer says:

Rap <3

Jou Mohammedi says:




Belloxer Driel says:

Ilove u my FITTYYY
YEAH $_$

Nafi'ah Hijab says:

yeahhh …best rap ever

usman ilyas says:

y u have to be illuminate n black hair is better

jordan gonyon says:

Shady 7-4 gangsta ..7-4 GD 

Javae Sanders says:

Love this song

Gaius Julius Caesar says:

Guys for you wondering which album this is off its the re-up

Rihards Ošenieks says:

from what album is this song?

mohamed maged says:

eminem is the greatest rapper of all time 

Daniel Harrison says:

Black people just have more SWAG THEN WHITES

eric harper says:

this shit is gangster shit

канал Смайла says:


Jou Mohammedi says:


Aaryamann Vansh says:

Brings back memories 

Nick Amodei says:

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Mikael Jørgensen says:

*Nick Amodei
Sad to hear

Antun Šošić says:

subscribe me..

Tutoriale Si Videoclipuri says:


berks youngzy says:

lool eminem acts like her pussy stinks 

Gangsterr87 says:


Tunechi Baby says:

song ends at 3:05

henry h says:


TylerSmithCampbell says:

1:33 Eminem accidently bumps heads aahahha

Israel Prado says:

someone says to eminem he isn’t black….

Arielz Angel says:

This is a great video put together and the song is perfectly fit:)

juseeaf doom says:


jonathan mouaha says:

50 is the beeeest 

Manish Jain says:

Shit song

Lim Ip says:

Love the back ground……. :)

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