Ender’s Game Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Harrison Ford Movie HD

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Rohnlex says:

Awesome movie

RCSkulliX says:

enders like six when he gets to battle school, not 16

Krissy Luna says:

I want a son like Bean. He’s soooo freakin’ adorable!!! :*

Sabre Taigue says:

That’s the kid from The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas 

Ben Vandel says:


Original Gaming Channel says:

There was an Ender’s Game trailer on before the Ender Games trailer which I
skipped because i wanted to watch the Ender’s games trailer.

fastacker2 says:

Awesome movie. I want to see it again.

Richard Bruce says:

You’ve never seen Harrison Ford like this, search:
Blade Runner – Harrison Ford Horny Devil!

ben z says:

we need the millennium falcon han solo!

Marylou Sutherland says:

The book was awesome!! I really want to see this… :D

C Bol says:

Oh please, kids as the last resourse….that’s kinda clichê and it’s a dumb
idea. How they expect us to take seriously a movie like that?

Sara Lin says:

Even though I don’t agree with what Orson Scott Card says about homosexuals
I still loved the book and despearately wanna see the movie! I love Asa
Butterfield he is an amazing young talent!

widowmaker777 says:

Daft Kids

domzdayz2396 says:

WHATTTTTTTTTTTT why ur still reading the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!! go watch it,

Rain Armada says:

A must watch movie.

Nico Sebastian says:

When is Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide coming??

Michel Linschoten says:

Horrible movie, what it boils down too, kid is genius, kid does
simulations, in the end of it all he destroys the bugs planet without
knowing it was real. Then, goes all cry baby and tries to save the bugs.

Moral, humanity fears the unknown so destroy it before it can harm them.

Man o man i am glad i never wasted my time on the books…what a cliche,
and predictable movie!

leodelacruz says:

look so stupid

Joseph Baptiste says:

I have never read the book so I am not sure how well they adapted it but it
was a great movie. 

Peter Savov says:

i stoped whatching after 30 m-s
maybe interesting for children .. boring and childish

MisfitLegendaryCutie says:

Awesome, movie.. kinda wanna read the book now

Harvey Wiseman says:

such a great movie!

Βαια Κυριτση says:

has this movie nothing to do with the pc game HALO?

llindvior says:

70 years and they still couldn’t wipe us out?

TheStabalise says:

In my opinion. Putting a kid as your last resort/lead role was a bad idea.
It felt like a kid movie. Something like Spy kids. It would’ve been a more
serious movie(which what this movie is) if it was a man playing the boy. 

Harris Meita says:

Ender’s Game 2013

Leonardo Gámez says:

I hate how people think Ender’s was supposed to be an action/sci-fi movie.
I haven’t seen the movie but the book has a much deeper level and it
TOTALLY needs the main character to be a child.

Andreza Santos says:

when does it come out? i plan to read the book

Dr. T. L. Mast says:

This looks like the best movie yet in the theaters still???? Its my number
one choice, we live in a small area!!!! Stay Cool, Dr. T

David Wells says:

Its a halo rip off, 

Pretty Noona says:

I saw this movie and I like all the special effect, however at the end of
the movie I was kind of like.. so like that is it? I feel that it could
have had a better ending (now this is my personal point of view) but you
will have to watch this movie.

bomb Jared says:

Ender basically represents me, Smart, thinks ahead, needs leadership,
learns quickly.

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