Erykah Badu Best Of Neo Soul Music Playlist (2014 R&B Songs Mix By Eric The Tutor)-MathCla$$Music V9

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Kentheman says:

love this on a sunday …

jellyfish79 says:

What a wonderfull Mix of a big Woman! Thank you very much!

Eric The Tutor says:

My Fav Lady. Her Best Songs.

KalabariJahNi says:


Alex Willingham says:

Check this out!!! Really good mix of Baduizm!!

Dre'Yah YisRael says:

this goes so hard! 

Mihajlo Ravic says:

chillaxation :)

Xena Scullard says:

It’s in my spirit, my resilience, my calm, all that is me… wisdom –
womanhood – voice! Happy Friday all 

Renee Harris says:


Erynn Pannell says:

This makes my heart smile!

Stephy Lee says:


Sally Eckhoff says:

I sort of can’t believe how good this is.

Taelor Aukusitino says:

Yo, Eric The Tutor….slamming – pumping – making some moves in ma room wit
ma Mister! Bless yo soul. XXX

Christopher Smy says:

omg paul vassell

priceyhabits says:

fucking LOVE your mixes man

Dalonn Sydavong-Marois says:

I love you haha

Ayesha Hassan says:

Thank you for this post… always wanted you to do an Erykah Mix. Jill
Scott next….please :)

chay ramdeen says:

My goodness…your mixes is what i listen to while i’m working…freaking
awesome man. Smoothe like fresh butter on warm bread…

Tashinga Dekune says:

Relaxing music from a great artist who has maintained a level of good
tracks throughout.

Kevin C says:

Nice Thank You.

Ashera Grossett says:

Dope playlist, Great music by Ms, E Badu , A Creative at Best ! 

Juwon Awe says:


929steph says:

This mix is hot! Jamming out while writing my dissertation.

allison barfield says:

it’s always good listening to Erykah Badu music*** 

Furnika Dirton says:

Love it Love it, Jill Scott next ?

misssophisicated says:

Favorite artist, I saw her when she came out with her first album, she was
on tour with eric benet, that was a fantastic concert! Saw her again 2
years ago on tour with Pharell and Janel Monae another good show would’ve
been geat if Erykah wasn’t almost 2 hours late.

johny bravo says:


hittaondapayroll says:

nice mix

Demetria Hammons says:

Best of the Best.. Blessings Queen

Orin Porter says:

Really smooth, memorable 

firesigninc says:

AAAAAAAMAZING!!! AS USUAL!!!! Words cannot express how much I LOVE YOUR

Vanessa Mency says:

If you need an Erykah Badu fix……..


Pensando en David y Jorgito…

Cynda Lynne says:


meshack lebane says:


Sally Eckhoff says:

Damn this is good

Vanessa Mency says:

This mix is sweet………..

Cynda Lynne says:


Justin Pittman says:

hot mix. All your mixes are dope.

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