Escape The Fate – Situations

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SK says:

Never get tired of this song.

Arthur Kirkland says:

One of my fav songs

MrMegaSuperBoy says:

Dat fat jiggling woman is such a cockblock! D:<

courtney Hakim says:

I would love to have Ronnie as my bus driver… to bad I drive to school
every morning… DAMMIT! 

Axel Juravle says:

Van Halen Video!!

Destiney West says:

Where does one find such cute band members.

PointBaron says:

at 2:19 it looks the guitarist is furiously jacking off and in complete

Minimeister317 says:

I’m glad they’re all friends again… 

Rayne Von Monroe says:


Daniel Gonzalez says:

Wow hes wearing a Cannibal Corpse shirt lol 

Clarissa Morales says:

Danzig and SLAYER are way too cool to be in this video.

Billy Six says:

ahhh mom u kno im not like the other kids im weird and my pants are to

Don't Mind Me, I have Issues. says:

You have no idea how much they ripped Hot for teacher in this.

Hailie Radke says:

Hello Thurman its your first day of school.

GmanBPlaysMC says:

Missing the old Ronnie

L says:

0:02:04 Misfit T-shirt! :P

Kyle Grabo says:

240p We meet again o.e

Jasper Allen says:

is thurman the young jb from pick of destiny?

Ruth Reckless says:

Sexism. Makes me sick.

DCGZombies says:

This is exactly like Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” video. The only
difference is the band members (obviously) and that it’s all in color. If
they liked the song and wanted to pay respects to it, cool. If they saw the
video and decided to copy it because they needed to do a video, not cool.

AllHailMetal says:

Gay ass emo song.

xxNeonZombiexx says:

i wonder where the thermon kid is now xD

Joel CANIFF says:

Get on the bus Waldo 

Stanley Pike says:

Does anyone else notice how many times Ronnie changes shirts in this video?

Trinity Maria says:

Hello Thermon, Its your first day of school!

Fa8tiArti says:

the only problem i have with this song is it shows women as objects of lust
and nothing more

Logan Gunderson says:

where do in enroll for THAT school???

Alexa Martinez says:

Ugh I want ronnie to be my bus driver

George Magnago says:

falling in reverse is best

Jackie Needsalife says:

Why can’t Ronnie be my bus driver??

Autumn Rock says:

Dude… I used to listen to this song when I was younger, I never knew it
was by this band.

Arianna Arce says:


Ericha Salazar says:

His face is so creepy :|

Patricia kenig says:


Kevin Caetano says:

i love escape the fate fock my

Xander Johnsen says:

swaying boobies, and its the guys….

Jasmine Jones says:


EXplodore16 says:

i feel bad for anyone who has a mother like that

Samiiapte Malaver says:

I Love himm <3 <3 ♥♥♥♥♥

PunksForUs InThisWorld says:

This is an intensely shitty remake of Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher
practically right down to the core, i fucking hate this and on top of it
they’re wearing Slayer, Danzig Cannibal Corpse and Misfits t-shirts and
half of them (or more) probably don’t even know who they are or even listen
to them

KonstantinaStrg. says:

I want ronnie for a friend at school :p!!

Bob Jones says:

Damn. I wish my school was like this

Skyler CutThroat says:

I miss Ronnie being in ETF. This is when they were good.

kathryn garza says:

love this song….

sok8bass says:

I think I just vomited my stomach.

Lauren Elizabeth says:

lmfao ♥ 

Stevie PerryQuinnFuentesPreciadoBiersackRadke says:

Oh Max ❤️

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