“Everything” – Official Music Video (Help get this to the girl that got away!)

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buy the EP on iTunes here http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/under-my-breath-single/id438461312 Sorry for the delay. the man behind the camera making it beauti…


Raymond De la Peña says:

Epic! Why dont you just look at facebook.

Human Conciousness Locksmith says:

his manager is thinking: this whole “girl got away, help us reconnect”
backstory is a great marketing tactic. The sheeple will eat it up. at least
his voice is phenomenal even if the lyrics are pretty corny.

Sebastian Yang says:

What the hell I had a tear and I’m a guy

Katelynn Pearce says:

Don’t Judge Me :D

Rodney Franks says:


Eric Lin says:

I think he sang that to andrew Garcia cause he nows Chester sexually

Jheremy Sotelo says:

This reminds me of when when i was walking and i saw this beautiful lady i
asked if i could invite her out and she just said no

Darkness says:

awwwl cutie

AkimboBlitz says:

hey thats the guy from the nickelback lullaby music video

aerosphere Beats says:

You made my day.. here in Germany it is about 6:48am on valentine’s day I
still did not sleep wether you believe it or not this is some kind of my
story when I saw the love of my life for the last time in a restaurant and
they played “god damn you’re beautiful” this is how I got here… the 13th
of february 2013.. I hope that I will meet her once again so damn much..

San Hashaki says:

Ok litteraly I fall in love with you … your voice is beautiful, your
songs are just amazing beautiful perfect OMG You are very talented

Philip Anselmo says:

Who’s that Sexi beast on the couch also??

Tim Harris says:

I like how you get about as excited as I do about a girl

sticky note says:

um….like dang…that’s just beautiful

Helen Moody says:

That happened to me with my boyfriend

Iam Jula says:

did he find the girl?

Dominic Figaro says:


Girl from Mars says:


Lauren Ross says:

Did she ever get this?!?!?

rockinsmart2008 says:

did you find her!!!!????

QTG12345677890 says:

Great singer keep up what your doing

Kalee Sam says:

Your voice Chester…. So beautiful

Geoffrey Hurley says:

good singer bro..love you makayla

Bella Salmone says:

Hahahaha your friends face is priceless lol

Jami Kelley says:

lyrically, i think this is one of your best :)

Bella Miniquake says:

Did you find her yet???

Taylor Maurer says:

I just fell in love <3

That one person you just so happened to know says:

hey chester im a 16 year old guy and i have some basic knowledge of music
and i was just wondering how you make your music is there a process that
you use or what
you probably wont read this but if you do that would be great you could
message me or re comment or whatever

korragirl5 says:

This is so beautiful! I hope this did reach her because every girl would
wish this happened to them. You’re so sweet!

Tatianna C says:


Alfie Evans says:


Pika Tunes says:

Lol. I’m not da lady whose he’s singing tho, but after 3 years, 2014. I

Andrew Welsh says:


mir kdd says:

I wish I was that girl..

EGVantage says:

Everybody wondering who she is or like what she looks like and if he found
her, he did. And the link to her fb is in the description!

Austin Watters says:

A while back I made a huge mistake which ended up in my relationship of 2
almost 3 years to come to end…. This song brings tears to my eyes because
I think about her and how I lost her, when she was perfect.

jena thompson says:

Lol i loved the ending
Look her up on facebook

Anguish SouL says:

amazing song bro,did you ever find that gal?

Abraham White says:

I’m in love with this song and I’m a guy. Lol go on American idol or
something. Awesome voice dude.

Giannis Lagadinos says:

This song is from me for Maddi Jane

Tea Robillot says:

please tell me you found the girl.

karen beltran says:

Finally found this video!

andrea baumhoer says:

<3 I hope you found her. Such a lucky gal. 

Dalal Alajmi says:

Awww thats so sweet why cant i found someone to love me like that ;'( 

Jason Lee says:

the part at the end when hes says: “Why don’t you just look her up on
I just start laughing

Keziah Bobis says:

woah! I fell in love with this song! 

Levi Masten says:

I hope you find her

Anastasia says:

Before I find the strength to let this go
There’s a couple of things I need for you to know
Your eyes are wonderful
Your smile is too
Your laugh’s contagious
And your heart is true
My dear Chester,you know,
You’re everything that every girl dreams of
You’re everything
That makes me fall in love….WITH YOU)))

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