Exclusive: Hate Story 2 Red Band Trailer | Jay Bhanushali | Surveen Chawla

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We present to you the exclusive trailer of Hate Story 2 starring Jay Bhanushali, Surveen Chawla and Sushant Singh. It is the story of a young photographer from Mumbai who uses her mind to play…


T-Series says:

We present to the exclusive trailer of Hate Story 2 starring Jay
Bhanushali, Surveen Chawla and Sushant Singh. It is the story of a young
photographer from Mumbai who uses her mind to play games against a high
profile Hindu Rightist leader and where it leads her. Hate Story 2 is
produced by T-Series and directed by Vishal Pandya.

Ultra Movie Parlour says:

Exclusive trailer of #HateStory2 starring Jay Bhanushali, Surveen Chawla
and Sushant Singh.

Bangla Natokzzzz says:

jay ka dubbing shayad kisi aur ne kiya. 

Page3 Reporter says:

Check out the most sizzling and sensational number of the year ‘Aaj Phir’
in the melodious voice of Arijit Singh from movie #HateStory2.

asim mangral says:

surveen chawla….aise avtaar mein…kbi kisi ne socha b nhii tha….kiya
khul k samne ai hai….matlab ye to sunny loene ki b maa niklii

jeene laga hun says:

T-series can u plzz upload the song Aj phir tmpe pyar aaya hai :) its

VipuL Joshi says:

Bollywood should make porn. Unnecessary skin show. Let the viewer imagine
assholes. Yeah certainly milluin view but many be watching it for her.
While she should be seen for her acting. Is tarah se tharak se body to
Hollywood wale ni dikhate yaar. I am living in a western country and I feel
ashamed that skin show is so necessary to bring you money. Either we have
shortage of talent or we have wrong people who find talent

Katasslicker butt says:

couldn’t they have got a good looking girl instead of this ugly bitch. I
mean there are a lot of good looking girls out they are who will go naked
for any movie. Bad casting and obviously another flop. Story seems to be a
copy of kill bill and I spit in your grave.

sk khan says:

Yes plz upload aaj phir tum pe song from ths movie

Animesh Anand says:

Vengeance kind of story always work in bollywood + they have added some v
bold scenes. This movie will definitely work. Some people will go in
theatre for some serious vengeance kind of story + they will enjoy the
music as it is sounding impressive & some low standard people will only go
to njy these bold scenes. So overall housefull theatre

Shahbaz Shaikh says:

excellent hot n performance orieanted movie !! loved the first part waited
for dis ut surprise of jai n surveen !!!! looks briallant watch excited fr
dis one

Ultra Hindi says:

Catch up the trailer of the new upcoming bold movie #HateStory2 starring
#JayBhanusali & #SurveenChawla

Abhay Salvi says:

Kill Bill ka plot chori karne waalon………..JANTA MAAF NAHI KAREGI :p

Majid Khan says:

Wow a movie just about sex. Well done Bollywood.

Rahul Tomar says:

I will call them nothing but an idiot who will waste his money on this
shitty movie. A perfect movie for low intellectuals.

garima chopra says:

jai will die and surveen wiil take vengeance of his death..jai will have
shorter role…but surveen is definately rocking in acting as well as in
sex scenes….

Madhuri Banerjee says:

My debut as a screenplay writer. So nervous and happy.

Jay Viru says:

one more movie full of sexual aggression and violence… cinema has lost
its morality just for entertainment and money

Jt Shergill says:

Rapes will never decline in India…thanks media for giving the gift of
rape to our women…just wish these rich and famous should also get the
same 1 day

Akashdeep Singh says:

Ek aur Flop

monsur habib says:

I hope there is a meaningful story…

Raja Chakraborty says:

why hindu right leader? How does hinduism releavent to this? why you guys
use a particular religion?

gopal rishi says:

Surveen chawla shem on u….u r not Punjabi actress….

Emran Hussain says:

Can’t wait for the song. Is it Arijit Singh it sounds like him.

Anurag Dandriyal says:

at least one more meaningful movie is to come, i loved the first
things must not happen to nyone but story was really inspiring…………

Aryan Ahmed says:

Its too much when their family members will go in theaters to watch this
kind of movie what face they will show to society shame on actresses and

Himanshu Choudhary says:

Surween bare sochya v nhi c ki oh ada de movi v bna gyi ki kita tu hund
punjabi movi ch aan de koshish v na kri plzz

ImL3g3nD says:

Surveen don`t get bogged down by self righteous hypocrites. Hopefully movie
has good music and more substance to make it successful. Trailer looks good.

Rider101ism says:

i lost all my respect for jay bhanushali after watching this trailer! never
expected this from him!

Fahad Khan Chd says:

One of the most thrilling series i realy enjoyed the first part and i hope
that the second will be the blockbuster My Best Wishes with Hate Story 

Manisha Lamba says:

“I f**** d people who f**** wid me” wat a dialogue of prev part , trailer
is seems to b ry interesting waiting for it eagerly… it gonna b d
blockbustr hit movie too

Vir Saini says:

this is copied from Kill Bill

Royal Peasant says:

someone noticed that Jai Bhanushali didnt dub his own voice in the movie
(at least thats what it looks from the trailer)

Niharika Mishra says:

Sushant Singh does it again! Don’t know why I find Surveen’s lingo better
than Paoli’s.
Since I am not the one who will watch this film for erotica, I will tag
this one as one with “disturbing” scenes, in which I include both the sex
scenes and the violent ones!
The actors have done a marvelous job and I will definitely give it a try.

akash choudhary says:

stupid morons constantly offering sex & violence and other shits and
thinking they are artist of some kind. paralyzing human brain by
business and marketing holocaust.

krishna arjuna says:


Khusheer Pr says:

Shot lagana dikhana jaroori thi , bc bold scene hai usko beautifully
excutive karo uss se feeling lauoo par kuch directors ko yoh bp bana hi hai

Asad Ahmed Khan says:


S Joshi says:

surveen se ye expect nahi kiya tha… but looking so beautiful and
sexy…… but compared to first part, it looks more interesting…….

Kabir k says:

waiting for arijit’s version of aaj tumpe pyar aaya hai


Maza a gya #arijit aaj phir tumpe

hrishabh g. says:

Can’t wait to watch it … Great concept guys ..well done !! and Surveen
looks super hot!! 

NikxRainForever says:

Am excited for some hot scenes :”>

farhan akhtar says:

hate story ke mukable kuch bhi nahi hai isme; na utni rauchy hai na utni
crisp story . 1st part was way better

Pawan Mall says:

Impressive trailer..

ask2ankit says:

Savdhaan India.!!!

Arefin Aziz says:

Actors are good i think…impressive trailer..

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