Family Oriented – Anjelah Johnson – Stand Up Comedy (Funny Videos)

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Watch Comedy Time on Sprint: Anjelah Johnson talks about how Latinos are very family oriented. To buy the single of “Nail Sa…


AdoptionNetwork says:

Observational comedy is an interesting craft as it pulls its humor not from
improvisational antics and stunts, but from real-life scenarios and comes
up with the hidden absurdity in life – and makes it funny. Such stringent
technique when focused upon family culture can produce some really profound
stuff if you think about it. 

Alexey Matushevsky says:

Rebekah McCaw says:


laabellebeauty says:

it’s m’ija but whatever lol

BloodofPatriots says:

@TheXochitl1995 All beaners are either illegal or illegal supporters. And
yes, mexishit is a 3rd world country. 50,000 spics have died in your drug
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KellyOKellyComedy says:

One of my favorite comics ever. I love this girl

gneric85 says:

The “Taco Cabana” girl. She is a cutie!!!

slickhbb1 says:

@OhDannnHD then she should say she is indian cause mexican r indians and
native american r indians

janet nicks says:

@Denyah Henderson

Leslie Martinez says:

Somebody said that they have never seen a mexican discipline their kids!
Where have you been? Mexicans will discipline their kids when needed and
they don’t care at all whose watching! As a mexican its fun to see this
because its true and funny!

Xochitl Ramirez says:

@BloodofPatriots You must be new. They’re not all illegal, OH! And guess
what, Mexico isn’t a third world country, uneducated scum. Yeah, maybe you
should get your mind right, then talk. People don’t only die because of
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Mexican-American, and the people I come from have contributed their own
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Emma Salinas says:

i feel like she was sort of a one hit wonder: bon qui qui don’t get me
wrong though! she’s awesome!

KenyanChocolate1 says:

I love this 1!

TheKnifePsycho says:

She is shit.

Aly Ghitany says:

@BloodofPatriots Israeli

Mustafa says:

@khaotickristyy I think she is very funny.

samanthasoto102938 says:

@BloodofPatriots Your sad statistics my ass… im hispanic im in college
not pregnant live in my own apartment 9months sober im very happy im not
scum and im not corrupt my sisters and brothers are all the same just like
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Alyssa Rodriguez-Jenkins says:

Listen you what you just said, it’s so stupid and you obviously have no
idea what you’re talking about. The Spanish ‘culture’ isn’t and CANNOT be
‘considered Peruvian and or Mexican!! Spain is a country all of it’s own.

Emily Smith says:

haha she’s awesome! and I LOVE the accent!

Chuck B says:

Love that freakin accent….damn! Funny babe!

ImaPenguin10 says:

let’s go!!! all the way mija XD

samanthasoto102938 says:

@BloodofPatriots you should be ashamed you dumb IGNORANT fuck!!!!!

Elizabeth Burton says:

I have never met a mexican who disciplines their children.

PoetryGrl Monae says:

I didnt know she was out this long ago. Anyway she’s funny

kmsmith1210 says:

@BloodofPatriots Projecting your self-hate and bitterness toward everyone
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You’re probably some fucktard from the South or the Midwest armed with a
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Vergon3256 says:

I’d lick her for a whole week

Shane Pettit says:

aye all the way, mija?

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