fast and furious 7 official trailer 2014 HD

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fast and furious says:

what will happen to paul walker will be revealed in the movie

Mrvideogamesnerd says:

i miss paul walker the movie is not going to be the same without him

Untouchable says:

Will Bow wow and Lucas Black (Sean) appear in this movie? cuz we getting
sick of the same cast.

Bob8055 says:

Your video is fake 

Mooky Bear says:

If we had time travel i would fist use it to stop paul walker from driving
that car

Takedo Muremasa says:

I’m honestly in a way thinking that this could be the real deal just
because of a good description of everything that someone else made in
another video of this. Apparently this does take place after ff6, but this
video shows that Han’s attack was actually planned by the character played
by Jason Statham. I’m not really sure why though. My guess is that Vin
Diesel goes to Tokyo to find Jason Statham to get answers or to do
something so unimaginable to Jason, that he won’t be able to imagine what’s
happening even while it’s happening. This trailer isn’t sooo much of a
trailer, but instead it’s more of a recap of what happened. Otherwise, I
don’t see how they would’ve actually edited Jason Statham into the scene
with Torretto’s silver cross, while saying those lines. I don’t know, what
are your guys’ thoughts?

Soul Evans says:

Jenna Marbles: They drive cars, The End

Willstyles125 says:

Horrible editing, its like you didnt even try 

Eva Mars says:

that’s NOT the official trailer.. 

ITenTwentySeven says:

Really, You know I knew this wasn’t the Fast 7 Trailer but I clicked on it
anyways. This is all #3: Tokyo Drift. Just because Paul wasn’t in it
doesn’t mean we didn’t watch it to know that this isn’t a trailer for Fast
7. And I went to IMDB before I click on it; and they didn’t have it up so I
knew this wasn’t real. Just wanted to see what was put up in claims for
Fast 7 Trailer.

emilson ramirez says:

i think the white kid in this one is the brother of paul walker who
vindisel goes looking for to maybe tell him he was killed by the same guy
who killed the asian guy or some shit like that..since vindisel pops in the
end on this movie so you never know

william herrera says:

thats fast and the furious 3 or 4

• TMG • Trouble Making Gaming™ says:

Where’s Tony Jaa???

satwik chauhan says:

Its fake

iron says:

I think Mark Wahlberg would be a perfect replacement for Paul Walker
because they are only two years apart and marky mark is kinda like a tough
guy who could play his older brother who tries to find out who killed his
little brother. They will just have to train him how to drive a car fast
and furiously 8.

genaro vanderschueren says:

Fake, it’s all movie’s togetter tokio drift then jason statham really :P

Jason Morrison says:

Thats one badass Plymouth, 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner *mini orgasm*

thegwolf says:

Ain’t gonna downvote this out of respect for Paul Walker and his fans, but
this isn’t the official trailer of FF7, it’s a foreshadowing from FF6
ending and FF3 ending.
I hope the kid from FF3 going to be called in for picking up after the
death of Brian. Big shoes to fill for the kid, but would be making sense
with the gang being one man short for whatever plan is going on in FF7.

ahmed almuhmmad says:

The Fuck Mother ..

KamiL Buszmann says:

there were song from nfs most wanted 😀 

TheGamingNinJa says:

dont know why people see this if its fake

Antonio Collazo says:

Even if its fake they did film some parts while he was alive

Xer killr says:


Umor Binditat says:

Tihs is a trailer F&F tokyo drift

Jayden Green says:

This is just Tokyo drift

Louis Watkins says:

Tokyo drift tho

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