Frankie & Alice Official Domestic Trailer #1 (2014) – Halle Berry Movie HD

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Peter Lohnes says:

Next time make the patient a white man and the doctor a black woman. At
least play with the stereotypes 

honourebel100 says:

soo amm basically a whore with split personality?

Whyt Manga says:

good alice hunting.

WellDone89 says:

movie is from 2010

Javier Hinojosa says:

good music can´t improve a bad trailer……this one is the best example.

Lewis Cafarella says:

So. The black Cybil anyone?

Zach Obad-Mathis says:

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Previously known as multiple personality
disorder is an extremely rare mental disorder characterized by at least two
distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality
states that alternately control a person’s behavior, and is accompanied by
memory impairment for important information not explained by ordinary
forgetfulness. THIS MOVIE

Robert Mitchell says:

I get the feeling this movie been came out

WellDone89 says:


Robertson Tirado says:

She done two movies like this before. Looks good and Halle looks awesome.

Josh M says:

This is pretty old already… why now? 

Dorcas Malahlela says:

Love Phylicia Rashad. Hope they didn’t make a flick that ‘cheapens’ mental

Carlos Carty says:

It’s good.

Filip Vasovic says:

she has great personalities

Umar Soaries says:

I love Halle, but honestly she should have taken chances with this sort of
movie many movies ago. And you cannot escape the stereotype here (Number 7
on the black people in movies stereotype list). She should have gotten a
half-way decent action movie director and pursued the Jax character – there
was something to that one. I only wish her good luck. She making way more
money than I am, so there’s that.

Stephen Andrews says:

Don’t know the last time I saw a Halle Berry movie…but this looks pretty
intriguing. Only problem is it felt like I just watched the whole movie.

mrSuperKholiooo says:


dm1kh1 says:

Didn’t this movie already come out? I have this on my hard drive… It
wasn’t good then it’s not good now.

Senor T says:

Spoiler Alert: The demon personality inside her turns out to be Oprah
Winfrey’s spirit. The last line of the movie, with everyone clapping, tears
running, music fading out is Halle yelling: “YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A

xESharkx says:

What you doing, Storm? 

Ryan Wilson says:

This is a old movie. I saw this already.

Vapes says:

God damn Gothicka

Brian Rokosz says:

Uh oh…she went full retard…

ninatravis1 says:

I don’t understand why they showed this in Europe in 2010 and are just
getting around to showing it in the U.S. this year? I have talked to some
people overseas that have already seen the movie. Glad that I FINALLY get
to see it.

Jin Nat says:

will watch it !!!

Rudy Siswanto Soewandi says:

Halle Berry hunting Oscar AGAIN!

navtej singh says:

hollywood true stories are 10% fact- 90% fantasy 

Ahmed Ibrahim says:


GuyNamedJordan says:

>Peter Lohnes
Can’t exactly play with sterotypes when ur dealing with a true story

J Kleeberg says:

Weird that they would release this for awards season in 2010 and then wait
4 years to give it a proper release.

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