Frozen “In Summer” song — Official | HD

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Tis the season to battle it out for the nation’s favourite Christmas single, and perhaps the leading contender is one of the industry’s newest performers, br…


thejobloshow says:

The staging seems really flat. It’s not visually interesting and the
character animation doesn’t make up for it. I think this is a misstep for
Disney that may be saved by the writing.

Wanway Miki says:

I love snowman so much. He so cute. lovely lovely lovely lovely >

Pinkie Pie says:

im gonna tell him >:)

adam bowen says:


Gmannn04 says:

I’m gonna tell him

Queen Elsa says:

I’ll make sure olaf gets his summer ;)

livy Mott says:

Best song on frozen

BrettTheMovieGuy says:

Yea why? Yea why? Yea Why?………. Yea Why? 

Slifer Soul says:

No offense guys, but I don’t think Olaf is very funny. He has some good
lines in the movie (He’s crazy was hilarious), but for the most part I just
think he’s bland. That horse from Tangled was a lot funnier.

Good humor is born from a good personality, and Olaf doesn’t have much of
one. He just feels like a walking, smiling joke box.

CarrotGurl MC says:

I’m gonna tell him. 

Yomi Abdi says:

School is almost Over!!!!

Daniel Baines says:

Feels like summer is here already…

MrYoshiYoshi says:

Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and ill be
a puddle
PUDDLE, PUDDLE!!! NOT HAPPY SNOWMAN!!! PUDDLE!!!!! Is this snowman drunk!?
and oh my god how can he not notice that 1:10

Sophia AdhikaRi says:

1:18 That moment when you think olaf is gonna say ‘puddle’

Connor Priday says:

no sound?

MastermindEpsilon says:

I love the moment where it seems like he realises he’ll melt, but he just
says he’ll be a happy snowman.

Andy Mellor says:

… I’m gonna tell him…

deborah conoly says:

I always crack up a lil bit when I sing this song I always try to sing it

jojag5 says:

I get that this is intended as comic relief, but honestly, the idea of Olaf
being unaware of what happens to snow in summer is ridiculous, and almost
cringe worthy. He refers to “solid water” so obviously he’s aware that
water exists in a liquid state and that “solid water” isn’t present during

Nintendoisforme3 says:

Well “let it go” Goodbye. Here’s to you Summer!

Canned Snacks says:

I’m gonna tell him

Lauren Davis says:

A happy Snowman

Rainbow Pastel says:

“I’m gonna tell him”
“Don’t you dare!”

Fiachra Logan says:

Snowman loves summer…. Maybe I should tell him….
#summer #winter #olafthesnowman #frozen 

Georgia Phelan-Ross says:

So much better than Let it Go and Do you wanna build a Snowman. I’ve never
even seen Frozen, but I’ve already heard those two songs about a million

Oshawott Osha says:

Well he’ll uhhh, melt?

Lauren Kenny says:

Such a great film! 

Craig Robinson says:

He will melt

Tasmima Haque says:

I love olaf!

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