Future – Turn On The Lights

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Music video by Future performing Turn On The Lights. (C) 2012 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.


DJ Blur says:

41 million fucking views?

12onomicprotv1 says:

trash trash trash

duckyzzz says:

All that looking and you end up with Ciara?

Arafa MUFC says:

I wish pple would tell me the difference btn him n this niga (IceJFish) who
did a cover of this song with a voice of a frog :D

Kre8or333 says:

Even with auto tunes this guy sounds like crap, like he’s crying. Does he
not look like a clone of T-Pain and 2 Chains?

M. Francis says:

look at all the haters loool sitting at your computers riding a rich
international artiste’s dick thats fucking Ciara as we speak, damn ya’ll
are sad and lifeless AF dwl! 

cliff jr says:

I am well aware and understand how and why people hate this; the fact that
they do makes perfect sense. But I fucking love it.

studentoflife01 says:

I’m lookin foe her

Zyan YacellTV says:

U song so fucking horrible but the lyric is good

Tierman says:

Fuck the haters i love this song and this will always be my favorite beat
by Mikewillmadeit

Andres Villada says:

Gas De Cancion :3

dfamouss fame says:

every body is fukin wit my new track so I kno u gon F**k wit it turn up
it’s Friday !! Share for me pleassssse let yo friends kno bout it ! In my

Mark Helber says:

Lil Waynes version is 8475934875034985x better real note

Phillip Hall says:

Sometimes I be lookin for her.

Kadie Chapman says:


rodrigue félicie says:


luis lopez says:

love yoo music bro

Kerr McGinnis says:

Don’t know why this song gets hate, it’s not meant to be anything more than
a banger, so looking at it as anything but a banger is a waste of time.

Selina Fair says:

sTiLL …

Yvonne Fernandez says:

This style is garbage, this SOUNDS like crap with that voice. People must
really be full of crap cause this guy is hot? Sheesh mfer 

Salena Lee Cortez says:

she a good girl cuz am lookin foe her send her to me cuz you fina pass the

Cleavonn Martin says:

No matter what the hatters say about this song it’s one of the best songs
of the year .don’t u people realize that music has changed keep up. Or
listen to the oldies of the 90


I like this song

Jose Melecio says:

i just wanted the lights back

Ramón Hinestroza Gil says:

i like 

Jacklyn Marin says:

i understand him just fine.. dunno what you haters are talking about but
take that negative shit to a bieber page or something.

katryna browne says:

you have a very unique sound love your work

josh and frankie hello says:

Hes a hasian Frog

Wajih Araji says:


marleeka sisco says:

i love this song

Luis Lopez says:

love this keep up yo rep bro

destany benney says:

tell er i been lookin for er in the broad day

Death0991 says:

Swear all these haters just look up future just to talk shit pretty

Rebecca Jimenez says:

follow @beckzzxox on twitter please thanks xxxxxxxxxx

sl king says:

I will never understand wat cici sees in dis clown

irreversiblemess says:

great, timeless song. not all rappers have to be rakim.

isbella bell says:

I love my dad future he is nice and he and ciara had my baby sister and
baby brother he is really cute

Amy Jelacic says:

I found this song through Buckley’s worst songs of 2012, and I know it’s
terrible but I can’t stop coming back.

Niki Blossom says:

o.o what did i just listening to?

Vendetta VO says:

*Miss her :/*

I’m looking for her!

+Emma Alvis 

TVjaginc says:

This song goes hard

Sandra Lahi says:

Im not an expert in the English language, but i have no prob what so ever
to hear what he is singing.. Stop being jellaus and do something with your
lifes instead. 

kings2010not2012 says:

I guess Ciara turned on his lights lol..

dead chic says:

mike will made it is for real

Frantz-arell Beliard says:

She looks like Halle Berry no ?

paully gonzalez says:

Future all day ❤️

Super Heros says:

LIL Robert LOKKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pee Pants Mcgee says:

#Emotional #Based #Rare

Sekizivu Henry says:

love this hit

EbadiBeats says:

Future type beats on my page

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