Garden City Movement – Move On (Official Music Video)

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Majestic Casual says:

Don’t miss to watch this in 1080p. The colours are so beautiful! :)

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inspotMusic says:

So much emotion ♥

Mr.Naki says:

post prod colors ?

Stephanie Blue says:

I’m really happy that there aren’t really any negative comments on this

Chris O says:

Come on guys, i know im not the only one that went full screen 1080p. 

violet aberdeen says:

interracial gay couple…so fucking beautiful 

xaxsimplexescapex says:

this video is incredible 

N-Gineus says:

another masterpieces… but now i know the video and i will feel even sad
when i will listen to this song….

Jamie Best says:

It was not sexy enough. I rate 4/5.

Jerrel Carpio says:

its simple. its LOVE..yeah gay people experience love too. cause you know?
they are humans also? lol

Intelligent Bird says:


Jacob Foster says:

o shit they got videos now

milontua says:

Fantastic cinematography. <3

tikusrabun says:

ooh i love these lebiuns

Quinn Mach says:

wow I didn’t know this channel posted videos like this!!! Amazing!

Johnny Football says:

I wish I had someone to take a bath with

NormalConcepts says:

1:35 best part.

José Tobias says:

03:10 – my new wallpaper.

dopeboi123 says:

this video is fucking nice

Jamie Christie says:

not so keen on the song but jesus christ this video is BEAUTIFUL. the story
is so beautiful, the cinematography is incredible, the fashion and styling
here is so eye-catching and interesting, this whole video is literally

Shawnle Martin says:

Music at its best.

James O'Boyle says:

what just happened

Mario fernandez sBI says:

is Beautiful!!! <3
i love this Video! :)

TobinPT says:

music is nothing special, but isnt bad either, pleasant one!
the video is nice, mostly because the cinematography!
weird to see so many posters from men in her bedroom and still she is
lesbian, or at least bi lol. This reminds “La vie d’Adèle” movie…

Alvenbeen94 says:

Somebody, just somebody make a sweet remix of Jakwob – Stay

2ndprodigy says:

Can we get a Majestic station on Pandora?

lukeatoy7 says:

truly beautiful 

mametchi099 says:

i feel like this is an ad for American Apparel

Dani Sims says:

absolutely visually stunning. wow. 

Pamela Croque says:

What happened to the second girl ? 

Emanuele Rossin says:

I love this video ! <3

Calvin Wilkins says:

Speechless…My tear ducts can’t handle this shit right now! Perfect.

sofaturtles says:

I feel so trippy

Ericka Gibbons says:

I never had the thoughts(not ever) of Majestic making lesbian-music videos
Hey, homosexuals are proud so they’re proud(of themselves)
Majestic is Majestic *thumbs up*

Victor Vaness says:


Harry Nguyen says:

this video makes me sad

Prestorizzor says:

This video is a masterpiece. The whole world should see and feel this.

Blelleee says:


Andres Castell says:

Great video, majestic song :)

Bunny Smith says:

@Nick Yungkit

I believe the old lady is the redhead girl’s grandma that she is trying to
take care of. From what I get from this video is that the redhead girl has
perhaps lost her grandmother and lost her relationship. She needed to move
on. She eventually moves on at the end of the music video, casting the
clear sphere in the sea. 

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