Get Lucky (Official Audio)

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Ghost Yang says:

i hate when people say
“check my video” or whatever but it so stupid those people that say check
my video
just wanted more view and be famous and that equal WTF
so whoever say that don’t watch it!

earlyriseband says:

Can you check out my music? 

Elias Ricardo says:


alinkyng says:

Why do people like chasing Lucky all night? Poor guy can’t get any rest :(

RevoFuzz says:

Anyone notice 2:20 the people start dancing?

j schwind says:

This is about going to a casino, right? 

Soham Mukherjee says:

So nostalgic…

HonorFreeMusic says:

I didn’t get lucky:(

Andrew Farrera says:

This aint real daft punk this is shit

Тијана Миладиновић says:

Get Lucky

Allie B-H says:

It was a day in June of 2013. School was coming to an end. I had heard a
song on the radio and I loved it. I usually don’t pay attention to the
songs but this one was just so different. I was doing homework and I wanted
to find the song. I remembered the lyrics: “We’re up all night to get
lucky!” Get lucky must be the name! I quickly typed it in: Get Lucky I
went straight to the videos. I found a video titled Get Lucky (Official
Audio) – Youtube I clicked on it. I have a tendency to skip through intros
of songs when I am trying to find a certain one. As I released the mouse I
heard a wonderful noise. “She’s up all night till the sun! Im up all night
to get some! She’s up all night for good fun! Im up all night to get lucky!
I had found the song! I looked at the screen and noticed that the shadows
were dancing. I looked closely at the shadows unaware that I was about to
become a fan of two robots. “No hair?” I thought. I concluded that they
were in fact bald. I looked at the others. “Ok” I thought “A bald guy
playing the drums, another one dancing, and the other one playing guitar.
Oh yeah there is also a guy with dreadlocks playing a guitar!” I pictured
three bald men with wrinkles and big smiles. This is how i discovered daft
punk. It’s not fake its true. I started tearing up when I was writing this!
This video is how I discovered daft punk. I am now a huge fan and I love
all of their albums and Thomas’ work with DJ Falcon is amazing!

Patricia Esquivel says:
HereWeGoCleveland says:

This is no different than rapping by Lil Wayne. Both are about “bitches”,
having sex, or whatever. The same topic, yet people call Wayne generic and
garbage for doing the same thing.

feykroTV says:

165 million views, worldwild well known –> not rich enough to do a video
clip .

Nasa1ish says:

i’m up all night to play call of duty

Declan Nemesis says:

Every awkward silence a gay baby is born..

brfts2001 says:

Old Daft Punk sounds so much better than this new disco sounding stuff.
They’ve sold out now.

Hiz hunny says:

Great song to run to!!

orestas motuzis says:

Did this happen to you? Before get lucky you were jammin’ to robot rock,
digital love and other great songs. Nobody knew Daft Punk. Then that
Pharell guy came. He ruined Daft Punk’s music and everyone noticed it and
liked it. Then you were no longer special for liking this band cause
everyone was a “fan” of Daft Punk.

Efi Sal says:

Αφιερωμενο σε ολους σας !!!!!!!!

Daft Darlin' says:

*Dance dance*

10000000000 YEARS LATER…

*Still dance dance*

MetalSubYT says:

30,067 arent lucky :(

Jeian Flores says:

Lol the Instalok parody is: I’ll ADC if you can carry

MarioGMan25 says:

Why is it whenever I hear this on the radio, it’s MUCH faster? I prefer
this… did they, like, speed it up to save time or something?

arnold scheer says:

still do not understand the fuzz about this ordinairy disco tune. But may
be i do not understand as i grew up as a teenager in the 80’s

Harsh Vardhan says:

What was at 2:20? We robbed a Mexican??!

Amber Song says:

Dear fellow daft punk fans,

Hi, I’m just another fan. Lately, I tried to introduce a friend of mine to
RAM and Daft Punk’s music. She called it “Grandpa music”, “cheap and
outdated”, “Too repetitive”, “Utter garbage”, “Waste of money”. What would
be the best way to kill her? Please tell me.

EmirJR96 says:

2:20 D: waaaaaaaaaaaaaa that scared me

Alex Christie says:

I’m going to need some of this too – Time to get going mutherfuckers!!

sirdanik says:

▀ ▀ If just ONE person reads this, would be a miracle for me ▀ ▀
I worked really really hard to make a cover of this song, and I really wish
you could please tell me what you think of it.. please!
If anyone who reads this could press the “THUMBS UP” other people will see
just a simple button press could make my dream come true Thank You

Sam Offergeld says:

on 2:21 the picture suddenly starts moving and after a while it stops

Swiftie4ever says:

sorry but this is terrible !!!!!!!! They does not deserve any grammy
!!!!!!!! Red is the best album of the year ! It is sold in more copise (
1.2 millions ) and they are a lot of singles and especially WE ARE NEVER
EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER which makes a lot of records ! THere are I knew
you were trouble, Evrything has changed, 22 and many others ! Taylor
desrves All grammy nominations ! EVERYTING ! I AM Swiftie4ever

Adam Smith says:

Justin Bieber -> The Gods Sent Me To Earth To Make Music.

Daft Punk –> No We Didnt

Christopher Wang says:

Is the person playing the guitar supposed to be a girl. I do believe that’s
a short skirt she’s wearing

Freddy Angeless says:

we’re up all night to get some

Michal Klis says:

2:42 sounds like mexican lucky XD!

luis fernando puente zaragoza says:

uruapan mexican

DevineAaron says:

This is not daft punk. It’s not anyway near the old songs.

chowderp says:

We robbed a mexican (LUCKY)!2:20

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