Getaway (2013) – Full Movie

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DanceForever93 says:

Great movie!

Decus says:

What’s with the constant flickering?

Mary K Thompson says:

Please update the movie’s title to the correct one – Donovan’s Echo.
Otherwise, thanks for uploading.

pureinheart777 says:

would of watched but couldnt hear it.


Excellent film.

Tino Miller says:

This is not ” Getaway ” !!! What Da Fuck ??!!!! -_- !!! Where is Selena
Gomez ???!!!

A. Amora says:

very good movie…

Monica Valdez says:

Enjoyed. Movie

jatin patel says:




Greg Ingram says:

This movie is titled incorrectly! The title should be “Donovan’s Echo”.

Daniel Browder says:

one of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile Danny Glover was outstanding.

Kari woo says:

Great movie
kari woo check it out

Hot Hollywood says:

guys watch Last Vegas 2013 on my channel if you could new movies are also
I’m downloading

Daniel Hulse says:


Jose Luis Ramos Rosales says:

Flickering and all this is a good upload, thank you.

brass says:

Donovan’s Echo right?

Josh Patterson says:

Wrong movie title please change it

sambo360able says:

may be a good movie if you could hear it sound sucks

tomjamisonfrazier says:

Good movie

caseyluvsu101 says:

What a great movie!

peter brady says:

Excellent choice. Think Danny Glover is a great actor. Many thanks.

Muheed Hyder says:

Haytham Ghareeb says:

Thank you. Great movie but different than title. You should correct it.

Daniel castaneda says:

Great movie

Jennifer Lynn says:

I don’t normally post comments on YouTube, but had to here. This is not the
movie I was expecting. It’s not Getaway, it’s called Donovan’s Echo. When I
realized that, I almost turned it off, but I didn’t. And I must say, I am
sooooooo glad I didn’t!!! This movie was amazing! Wonderful! Great acting!
Wonderful plot! And I usually hate it when people label movies wrong on
here…BUT, had this movie been labeled properly, like it should have been,
I probably never would have found it! Awesome movie

Osman Talha says:

What a great movie amazing

Charlie Holland says:

Old Yeller made me cry too.

larry lomascolo says:

I see alot of wrong titled programs,good movie low volume

may joy rano says:

wers selena????

Joan Cartwright says:

Danny Glover is a magnificent actor. 

Alan Rooney says:

very good movie

Chris Davis says:

THIS MOVIE!!!……………………………Is way better than
Geta….who????? Danny Glover is good in this movie!!! My firm gives it my
2 thumbs up and staff all give it a thumbs up.

Antwaun Miller says:

This is a good movie not getaway but it was good

man of steeeel says:

Good movie thanks for uploading 

j j ashley says:

what the hell this is not Getaway…… this sucks

vonetta jerome says:

Nice acting Dglover….awesome movie!!!

Mike Deakin says:

Donovan’s Echo … Hope or the future … Something we all need a little of
Excellent movie … Thank you

Saifguard W says:


Gary R. McCheah says:

If this is a good movie, why then titled it Getaway?
Getaway 2013 by Selena Gomez ain’t a better movie anyway.
It’d be watched just for FUN!

poopzjodpurs says:

Danny Glover. Run for cover.

Andrew J Ozoria says:

Good movie man….I recommend this movie anytime….

Naziha Devonne Gomez says:

i thought this was the getaway with selena gomez

J Dogg says:

What a great story.. :’)

Reuben Storr says:

Can sumbody up load Primal Fear with michael duvall

Jose Gonzalez says:

WTF is not getaway 

Lawrence Lugar says:

this movie, Donovan’s Echo….reminds me of the movie, Mothman Prophecies
[2002] …same idea of deja vu,signs, seeing things, etc

jenniefer wyatt says:


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