Girls’ Generation(소녀시대) _ Oh! _ MusicVideo

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Girls’ Generation Oh! ℗ S.M.Entertainment ♪ Download on iTunes = ☞ For more Information : http://girlsgener…


Osaka Sica says:

Happy 24th Birthday Choi SooYoung. Leave Some Cake For The Others :) ★

snapfinger42 says:

Just noticed Sooyoung’s number is 24 and she’s turning 24 today. Happy

4minute60 says:

Happy B-day Sooyoung!

22shiny22 says:

What’s wrong with the audio?

A. Yotta says:

you go girl, 0:22, opah-opah

Kaily Bumgardner says:

can i have a translation???

thisis675 says:

Love that the shortest member has the biggest rack in the group :)

Kyary Quinn says:

+brad luke what did sunny do to taeyeon? :o

Joe Kane says:

Preety faces..but no boobs & asses…lolx…except for sunny..

Thảo Đặng Lê Phương says:

i love it,,,,moa,,,,yoona,,,i love,,you…

winko567 says:

they are soooo adorable 😀 

Anon Ymous says:

And they said Asians didn’t have ass.

vincent valentine says:


Carolina Takarai says:

I miss this times :c

ChoiSasuke says:

I miss sooyoung’s short hair :'(

Jasmine Bloom says:

I have two things to say:

1. I’m not such a huge SNSD fan, but c’mon. This song is awesome. The video
was well done and the ending–I definitely did not expect. Well done!

2. The song needs more views. 70 Million is not enough for a song as
awesome as this. 

Chris Shaskin says:

at 2:00 one of the football guys is carrying a helmet and wearing another

Mira Jain says:

best sports/cheerleading team everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Jessie Edsell says:

iMac G3? Bitches need to upgrade, damn.

NothinButGear says:

i sure hope the government dont check my search history… cause this is
just embarrassing :(

Jana Phan says:

Seo Hyun <3

aznkid40ify says:

+22shiny22 nothings wrong with the audio that’s the actual song lol

Luckystarz103 says:

Oh! my god what the fuck?

badiaa ouarbi says:

nice :-)

Blas Puga says:

sooyoung <3

allmakescombined says:

For those asking who’s who:
0 Tiffany
7 Yoona
9 Taeyeon
11 Seohyun
12 Sunny
21 Yuri
22 Jessica
24 Sooyoung
32 Hyoyeon

Nga Nguyen says:

they really make me happy

Jung Soo Yeon says:

Sunny so cute *-*

Luffles ewe says:



Love girls generation ! I recently got into girls generation on new years
and I don’t regret it. Korea #1. 3:10 is my favorite part (:

Ousvec says:

lol anime girls…why every asian girl have to make look herself so stupid?
in this video they seem so childlish it is not normal..

Ceroface says:

does tiffany poke herself in the eye at 1:42

Andres Murrietta says:

I luv Yuri!! She’s so pretty! #SNSD

Jesús Ramírez López says:

Name of the girls with the numbers 7 and 0, please, I need to do some

Adrian Vicente says:


Ataesone says:

D-6 Sooyoung’s Birthday ! <3

hannah sison says:

it is so cute for ever Girls Generation 😀 

Iis Lillian says:

So cute~

Pilar MinniesFamily says:


Hyun Yuri says:

I miss oh era

xBlackEternity says:

the outifts are so cute and inspirational <3

tiff says:

how i miss this

Jasmine Chen says:

1:16 the adorable kid leader <3

Kaiserkoi says:

I prefer the korean version. I like to hear the voice of Jessica. SNSD
please it is time again to visit the european fans. 

Marcos Pereira says:


หราช หบยฟา says:

jessicaaaaaaa ^^

Mariana Sanchez says:

they are so cute

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