GoPro HD: Parkour Chase Tag

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Parkour Chase Tag. The best game of tag ever. Parkour and Free Running at UCF (University of Central Florida) http://www.ZoicNation.c…


RavielUriaHamon says:

1:25 Zero fucks given.

Pepijn van der Velden says:

At the end you show a video and above that video stood more adventures.
With an annotation to your channel. What was that video ’cause I can’t find

Jossy Poleiatto says:

how do you do that?

lucho3612 says:


robertej09 says:

The elevator scene is a classic.

احمد الناصري says:


tao wu says:


DeckardPAIN says:

You guys are fags.

ben johnson says:

cool it was awesome i wish i could do all that even know im a semi pro at
free running

axl igorot says:

90% running..

Hunter Olson says:

i like the bloopers at the end

Rafael Rivera says:

haa gayyyy!!

Yusuke Kimura says:

I did subscribe but there is no part 2!!! ):<

El Pakyto Parkour says:

Run Up da master ;)

Deformed Potato says:

Would anybody happen to know what the name of the song is??

MisterMisterFun says:

I remember as a kid playing chase and ending up at the wrong end of a huge
wooden gymnasium door. It was originally open and was tapped closed and as
it slowly shut I came running full blast at the 3″ wide side.
Ending up bear-hugging the door. Fucking hurt. Patience is the key to joy.

10ShutdownCb says:

This looks fun n cool af Smh! Subscribed !!

lolxDwut says:

The definition of Mirror’s Edge.

01aplus says:

CZECH o. Ba. g vs cc

Daniel Martin says:

mày mới ” nhu lon ” , cmt ngu vcc

Noizy M8 says:

Is that luiz suarez ahah

Trần Hiệp says:

nhu lon

David S. says:

Because it’s awesome and funny at the same time! Epic + Funny = Bunch of

Photoshoper says:

this video isnt about parkour, their just chaching one other

DesignJunkie58 says:

Cops on foot wouldn’t be able to catch em’!

Leon Aaronstone says:


Brandon Watt says:

Beast way to play tag

TvBinMc says:


kgpnerd says:

being a Parkour you are not supposed to use the elevator, just sayin’

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