Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) – official video

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Film clip for the Gotye song Somebody That I Used To Know, featuring Kimbra from the album Making Mirrors. Buy Somebody That I Used To Know here: http://www….


Nathaly Lacroix says:

so real

John Spinelli says:

When ever I hear this I think of Ownage Pranks! XD lol

Laura Santi says:

Bella !!!

YouCLTube says:

drugs are bad.

Emy Jons says:

Remember Gotye? No he is just somebody that we used to know.

Ross Bagley says:

He (not Gotye, but his “character”) is a narcissist who played passive
aggressive games with her. She (not Kimbra, but her “character”) is calling
him on his bullshit and is claiming her self-respect by breaking it
completely off. He doesn’t understand why she’s cut him off (this lack of
understanding is what makes me believe he’s NPD).

The painting (on him and off her) seems to be part of the narcissist
subtext as well. Maybe he’s shifting from facade to facade and she’s
getting rid of the co-dependency that caused her to be with him.

Novastarlol says:


ray Gordon says:

He eats nuts and bolts

tjeerd rootmensen says:


20cutch01 says:

I don’t really like acorns 

KIWIave says:

Best videoclip!! Nice Go Original

Marce llina says:

I love this song!

Jessica-Rose Weiss says:

Woah when he opened his mouth he freaking scared me for a minute. The guys
needs braces that’s that.

MaryAnn Regalado.vasquez says:

Love love love this song! Aaaand it’s catching on! Yay! =D

Jorge Dass says:

rare and colored

Carla Cleary says:

I love that he flinches at her voice.. 

cupcakesandsprinkles says:

they drew on him!

Laura Wallingre says:

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness

Luka Stojanovic says:

How the fuck can someone dislike this?

TREV H says:


kelvin jhonson says:

2011 > 2014.

Serenity Anderson says:

The Song is Good Without The Video The Video Is Weird I Dont Get It


SimsMovieCreater says:

Apparently this was recorded in the bedroom of his mates house down in
Melbourne, Australia. 

Grant Smits says:

It’s nice, but he looked at the camera.

Maruli Richardo says:

Somebody That I Used To Know

Chrstina fisher says:

I hate this song, makes me wanna vomit or kill someone when it comes on the
radio,,, whining self pitying hog shite

slowy Dumby says:

1,999,317 likes its like most liker in the world

antuan hairston says:

Check out my cover of this please

Robert Elsey says:

Top track from NZ

Pavel Pavlov says:


Gunay Mammadova says:


Briana Baker says:

i love this song

Ivan Alejandro Rojas says:

La raja !!

Funnyhappy Daisies says:

Glee cover is the best <3 

Ricardo Bras says:

that i used to know

gerald Hinrichs says:


kelli goodsir says:

boy this hits the nil on the head – I love their voices-this song is really

Jessica Dance says:

I saw his tits

Mark Lest says:

eh, music was better than video

noobstyle100 says:


Tony Toni says:

almost 1/2 billion views…WOW, this is a mighty good song. This one is too
slow though, the radio version is more up tempo.

Axel Saborio Esquivel says:


Колд Дринк says:

6,7% of human population have watched Gotye’s and Kimbra’s naked body :D

Michael A Hineman says:

Great song,great video. I totally get it…

Arkansas Razorback says:

Peter Gabriel, where did you get all that hair??? Shock the Monkey.

Lee Winze says:

stay please

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