Grace Unplugged Official Trailer

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This is the official trailer for AJ Michalka’s new movie, Grace Unplugged! The movie will have an accompanying soundtrack, which will be out on August 25th, …


misberrybug says:

Can’t wait!!!

Devin Leigh says:

Looks really good

BransenSands2 says:

This movie looks awesome!

Dom Demeo says:


Brianna Van Reenen says:

I might actually watch this cuz Jamie Grace.

Dom Demeo says:


Anthony Gonzales says:

I will be watching it opening weekend! Love you AJ

ldwin007 says:

So privileged to have been an extra in this great film. And was filmed at
my church!

Oh78Violet says:

First of all this is just a movie, not their lives and not relative to
their choices. We appreaciated your opinion, but you should watch the movie
before leave a comment about it :]

JGrace1352 says:

I cant wait until oct. 4th! AH! I just know i will love this movie! It has
Jamie Grace (best christian singer ever) and AJ, I LOVE IT!

mandipaige92 says:

Ahhhh I want to see this so badly!! Looks amazing!

Michalka Fan Russia says:

Wow! I can’t wait to see it..:-) I’m crying when I watching the trailer…

Antoine Geyres says:


Dirty Elevator Music says:

I would never watch this movie if AJ wasn’t in it. Not my style, but I
haven’t seen her in a starring role in a movie in a while, so I’m totally
seeing this.

frightenn punpkins says:

can we stop saying “choose God or choose evolution” its a movie for crying
out loud and if you lose respect for someone because they don’t have the
same opinion as you then you really need to take a step back and look at

BombWarning says:

Love Aly&AJ and respect their right to be religious if they choose … but
man does this ever look like a stupid movie. It looks crazy preachy. I’ll
still always listen to their music but I lost most of my respect for them
as people when I found out they don’t believe in evolution.

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