GUNDAY – Teaser – Ranveer Singh | Arjun Kapoor | Priyanka Chopra | Irrfan Khan

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Release Date: 14th February 2014 ▻ Buy from iTunes: ▻ Own The Music of “Gunday” Now – Starring: Ranveer Singh, Arju…


YRF says:

The Gundays have finally arrived, have a look at the official Teaser now –

bloomtale says:

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do vlogs and other stuff. Feel free to check out my channel. Regards.

Voltoz911420 says:

worst fighting scene ever. flop

aminaf6 says:

Rofl! I didnt know Slumdog millianaine was about two boys coming together
after the partition and doing things for their survival. This story is
about two heroic boys and their transformation and not about a boy from the
slum later ending up as a millianaire cuz of KBC. Some people really finds
reasons to hate

naifsexy says:

Stupid movie

258D4 says:

Shalar kuttar baccha indian banchod, pakistan didnt surrender in front of
fucking india. They surrendered in front of BANGLADESH. Motherfucking lying

Vicky James says:

Chahe aap kuch b keh lo but irrfan khan as such hero-villain character dia
par agar usko aur agar dialogues milte na toh ye dono kuch nai kar paate
jo uss actor ka level hai
ye dono lagge nahi lagenge uss k saamne
Irrfan Khan is something !!
And will always be
The natural talent of acting and performing in front of the camera, without
the star qualities and dancing styles,
Iss mei jo dum hai naa vo in dono mei hai n jo actress bolly mei kaam krti
hai they are just for one purpose, haalaki priyanka chopra is very hard
working and deserving but IK is the best !!

hasib rtr says:

yashraj films you people should think by sitting beside a banana tree, that
wat u did with a “serious personal emotion” of BANGLADESHI PEOPLE …..I
therefoure from now itself taking it as personal n going to hate u n ur
films upcoming n previous all………i hate u n ur charecter n also ur
mentality. i feel strongly “u guys suks in world ” n u guys r mentally
disordered person

Jannatul Barik says:

This is not any acceptable excuse YRF team. If the same case happened to
India, would they consider this & leave it ? it was the war of #BANGLADESH&
we give our blood to born our country not #INDIA !!
with due respect to #INDIA….plz if u have anything left to take from us
instead of ur helping then plz take it bt don’t make this type of Nonsense
RUMOR against our HISTORY that was we written by our blood !!
well… GundayTheFilm is a good film……..but please with pardon don’t
try to misspell our HISTORY….. at least you asked for apology, which is
appreciable. At the same time we, people from Bangladesh, want the errors
and the wrong information spread through the movie Gunday should be
withdrawn as soon as possible. It is a MUST.
& the apology should be asked officially not like this please.

båd dreàm says:

ya raj film fuck u
u r bAstard 

Shivani Chauhan says:

Gunday film will go superhit.I love u priyanka chopra

Ramachandra Dodawad says:

gunday very very good film

Ishaan Khanna says:

matlab kuch bhi pakkad kar, mixi mei ghumma kar, screen pe faink do to ban
gayee movie….. not YRF standard.

Cervantes Baptist says:

Even if there is Irrfahn Khan in this Movie, but this 2 idiot
looking,baqwaz Actors spoiled the whole Film for me and this
ultra-non-realistic fighting stunts make it even more baqwaz, welcome to
the new Bollywood-Fantasy-Era where every film looks the same , is the

Akki King says:


Shamim Shajahan says:

both chutiya together ranvir shave ur arm hair man u look ugly nd other
hero even u guys look villian or u dnt hav money to buy razor hahahaha
chutiya hero both of u…loosers

Ameen Ahmed says:

I wish this movie will b hit

Gentleman4u1 says:

madar chods

TheWeirdMakerʕ•̬͡•ʔ says:

Gotta love Irfaan Khaan!! 


2014 upcoming movie of ranveer singh, arjun kapoor and priyanka kapoor how
many of you guy are ezcited to watch this movie.
don’t scroll down without liking this video..


hintliler sallamada amerikalıları solladı :F

Praveen Verma says:

there is always two (2 dost) in the bollywood movies…now the story
belongs to kolkata…let see what new in there.

Manjinder Singh says:

looks like starting of bhag milkha bhag

sanat sachdeva says:

interestingly the protagonists of most of the latest bollywood movies are
the youth who are goons,illiterate,eve-teasers,thieves or in a nut-shell
the anti social class…what kinda crowd do these producers and directors
aim at pulling to the theatres?….oh of course the front rowers! obviously
they are the ones who bring more money as they are huge in the
films will celebrate such people….this is the sad and slow demise of
quality in bollywood….hud hud dabanng,munni,chikni sheila.

kasandra renea says:

Nyc trailor but wherez pc gone 

Shovelware says:

I think tihs is just a wannabe Sholay movie.
Damn what a failure.

Shanawaz Mohammed says:

WOWWWWWWWWWWWW is the word that come out of my mouth..Awesome…. Excited
to watch

Dhiraj katle says:

I hope that will cross 100 cr…

Neha Omer Majeed says:


Ardesia Dhali says:

hey guys! here’s the teaser of the upcoming movie GUNDAY!
hope that this will cross 100 crores.

Ranbir Kapoor says:

arjun kapoor ko hero nhi banna chahir tha…..


seems like r..rajkumar got its sequel movie !!!

Gireesh Mak says:

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Harshit goyal says:

nice teaser
i think i m going to watch this movie.

anup khadka says:

where is priyanka?//

Kizzii D says:

looks lyk a gr8t movie!

neelscooldude1 says:

The music is awesome

gopidalai girish kumar says:

These two going to………………….BLOCK BUSTER…………

Nagendra kumar says:


Richa Mishra says:

though I m not fan of any of the 2 lead actors of the film but this teaser
is very good! 

Abhishek Kandwal says:

Not eager to watch it…

Manish Kumar says:

Duo bollywood style is back…!

Sonia Gomez says:

ranveer….too hot to handle

sajid shaikh says:

look to kike sholay jay and veeru , U got new abhisheik as arjun kapoor

Vishal Aaditya Kundu says:

to b releasd in bengali too..

Vineet Kohli says:


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