GUNDAY – Trailer – Ranveer Singh | Arjun Kapoor | Priyanka Chopra | Irrfan Khan

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Release Date: 14th February 2014 ▻ Buy from iTunes: ▻ Own The Music of “Gunday” Now – Starring: Ranveer Singh, Arju…


YRF says:

Several of our Bangladeshi brethren have reached out to us with their
concerns on the way the story has been portrayed and we would like to
apologise if any disrespect or hurt has been caused to them. However, this
was and is meant to be a fictional work and does not in any way project or
disrespect any particular segment of society or persons or a nation.

The birth of a country is always steeped in the sacrifices made by its
freedom fighters and martyrs and this can never be forgotten. And so was
the case with Bangladesh and its people who paid a huge price to attain
this freedom. The history of the sub-continent reflects this and
acknowledges the struggle of the people of Bangladesh.

However, GUNDAY was not meant to in any way slight the sacrifices made or
to recount the history of the creation of a new nation but several families
did unfortunately get displaced as a consequence. The film addresses one
such Indian family’s plight during these troubled times. The two orphans
were forced to flee because of circumstances completely out of their
control. And what ensued thereafter left them with very little choice but
to take on the life that they did, one of desperate yet fun-loving
renegades. This was largely a consequence of a prevailing system, which did
not allow them to lead a normal life and be accepted in society. They were
labelled as refugees and stigmatised.

If this fictitious story and its telling have in any way upset the
sentiments of anybody, we would like to clarify that it was totally
inadvertent and it is sincerely further regretted.

YRF says:

Hamare Gunday ke *___* hi alag hai!!

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YRF says:

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YRF says:

Har kahaani mein villain ka hona zaroori hai.
Kaun hai humare iss kahaani ka Shailaab?

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YRF says:

Poora *_______* kasam khaata hai Bikram aur Bala ke dosti ki
Complete the dialogue


YRF says:

The Gundays are here!
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john jase says:

dear yashraj films .

What the hell are you thinking from past 10 years , almost every films made
by you is a flop or big bore . You think showing muscles , item dance and
loud irritating 3-6 nonsense music is movie ?
Soul of cinema is STORY if there is no story whatever you show will not work
When yashraj realise the importance of story in cinema then only it will
please audience . Just try to learn from malayalam film industry they come
up with new idea and story in every film . If you dnt have a story just buy
from them and make some good movies .
There is a benefit for audience also , if movie is in yash raj banner then
it will be a nonsense , flop and waste of money .
we can easily skip

we hope you management will take necessary action to improve quality rather
than fake boxoffice claims

Lovelesh Colaco says:

boring. parineeti would have been the better choice though 

Mark Roper says:

Saw this on a site, I was like, “LOLwha?!?”

nikhil kumar says:

the movie is liked by pc’s fans but lets face it its extremely awful and
their is so much of overacting and yash raj always creates hype but fails
to deliver they had a pinch of once upon a time in mumbai in gunday i mean
the becoming goons and all that stuff irfan was the only star i felt who
was good. rest of the movie just sucks even the ending was horrible 

john k says:

Let’s be honest that ugly piece of shit Arjun can’t act and is only there
because of his family n shit but Irrfan Khan’s going to make this a hit. 

salman riaz says:

The film copied Hollywood’s classic western Butch Cassidy And The Sundance

ramiqay2k says:

#gunday @yrf promotion gone wrong. Shud not have misrepresented a true
historical fact. U showed that ppl in power can & r insensitive. Very
disappointed in your strategy. 

sunny sharma says:

IMDB rating for this movie is 1.2…..thats a BIG FUCK U from the audience

zoheb ashfaq says:

the BEST film ever made!

Shamsur Rahim says:

We know that Indian Film industry is improving quickly but this is shame
that “yrf” made this film through a false History which makes the people of
Bangladesh angry because yrf just insult our(Bangladeshi) nation and us
through this film. We think yrf must ask for pardon from Bangladesh

bdhimel1 says:

1971 ,16Decembar . The war of pak and ind was end . India won . Bangladesh
was born . How funny those sentence are . this is not proper history of
freedom war . This flim is really break all bangladeshi heart . I hate this
flim . 

shakir joarder says:

bonduk kei gulii r muke buli bar ho jata to ho jatai ha.
Wapaas nahi korna jata ha…
So cut thus dialogue which is fake and give pain to bd people’s. 

lollypop girl says:

Saw the movie today. . Loved it. Must watch. Excellent movie 

Vicky James says:

Chahe aap kuch b keh lo but irrfan khan as such hero-villain character dia
par agar usko aur agar dialogues milte na toh ye dono kuch nai kar paate
jo uss actor ka level hai
ye dono lagge nahi lagenge uss k saamne
Irrfan Khan is something !!
And will always be
The natural talent of acting and performing in front of the camera, without
the star qualities and dancing styles,
Iss mei jo dum hai naa vo in dono mei hai n jo actress bolly mei kaam krti
hai they are just for one purpose, haalaki priyanka chopra is very hard
working and deserving but IK is the best !!

Mustakim Rashid says:

Story maker should have minimum knowledge about the real fact . . . they
should ask for pardon to the Bangladeshi people. > > > > I PROTEST

punit dutt says:

Very nic

Zia Uddin says:

very bad history in this film he,s a liar directore stoped this film

BeePurse says:

the movie sucked balls no good story the same love at first sight bullshit
as always YRF has shown. if you haven’t watched it yet, dont! 

Arifur Rahman says:

at least do some research before making a film based on historical
background bastards…….the war was between india n pakistan.
seriously???? u must b kidding. obviously there is no denying the fact that
india helped us during the war 

akib jabed says:

fuck ass movie.

S.K. Chown Rocky says:

I must say that YRF did not undergo proper research on the history of this
sub continent. Or, they think that public will engulf every single wastage
they produce. May be the Indian viewers are dumb enough to understand what
they are being shown by the movie makers. Its a pity to get a wrong and
very much abusive message from a reputed production house. The movie begins
with a historical flaw. The birth of Bangladesh is not the outcome of
India-Pakistan war in 1971. We fought for our liberation against the
Pakistani army. India helped us a lot during the war but still that was our
war not India’s. Our 3 Million people died and lots of our brave ladies
lost there dignity for the birth of Bangladesh. so all in a word that was
our war… not India-Pakistan war…so stop lying about that….!!!!

The whole world knows the truth. Yes, many of our people took shelter to
India at that time. We always appreciate that. But that does not mean you
can play with our emotions. Our people are very proud to be a Bangladeshi.
They never wanted to be a part of India. So withdraw your lies and say
sorry to the Bangladeshi people.

Hopefully you people are enough gentle and cultured to respect others. It’s
a very sensitive issue to us. Each Bangladeshi will raise their eyebrow and
eventually scold the makers of this film.

Time to brush up your gray matter, DEAR YRF_____! 

ladies man says:

I haven’t seen this movie but after seeing the IMDB rating I don’t know
weather to watch this film or not:/

Shafiqur Rahman says:

bloody shit story. This is ridiculous . avoid this picture please……. 

sarwar habib says:

Dear Yash raj films,
Soon Im going to make another history where I will show India pakistan war
happened in 1945. During world war two, India raped 1 million pakistani
women and killed so many children.
Finally they have their independence in 1950 from pakistan.
How do you feel?
A concern Bangladeshi citizen

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