Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City

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Music video by Guns N’ Roses performing Paradise City. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3424935. (C) 1988 Guns N’ Roses under exclusive license to Geffen Records.


Abi Kolapo says:

Singing along really loudly. Ahh I miss Burnout Paradise lol

Chrisanthi Statira says:

DB Green says:

*Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City*

Halo4SucksDick says:

holy shit axl rose sounds like a fucking fagget. i’ve never heard someone
sounding this fucking bad at singing in my life. not to mention, slash cant
shred a guitar for shit. these guys fucking SUCK!
Nirvana was definitely a MUCH better band than Cunts N’ Roses. no wonder
why axl was jealous of kurt cobain. at least kurt cobain knew how to shred
a guitar like a badass pro.

Katerina Mitika says:

Wow this was badass 😀 I never knew that GnR and Classic Rock were SO
EPIC!!! I hated Classic Rock because of the longtime tracks and this is
such a huge surprise to me 😀 <3<3<3

Ty Harris says:

Rockin the Guns n’ Roses today 😀 will u rock with me???

KasabianFan44 says:


Camilla D says:

Good morning Thursday!
…and Happy birthday Axl Rose.

Mustrum Ridcully says:

Paradise City..

mary m says:

+Marina s +Noemi Marino

Alex Chen says:

*Insert Bad Luck Bryan meme
Goes to Paradise City. Grass is brown and girls are ugly.

Bruno Bolognese says:

good night my friends Peace!! YOU ARE ROCK

jordigamekanaal says:

this music give me power!!!

Elvismiks GoodTimesGamer says:

Fuck the Burnout Paradise City stuff! It is an awesome game, but i didn’t
come here because of the game! I CAME HERE FOR THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So shut up AND ENJOY THE CLASSICZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2Silospace says:


Toilet Demon says:

burnout: paradise such a great game

Anna B. says:

I was born in the wrong generation…

adriana borislavova says:

sweet sweet sweet 😀 

Mel Almeida says:


Jonas P says:

nice lwl

cat listening says:

damn. they were the shit when I was 19. Love em or hate em, they carried
the last torch of bad ass leather hard rock. What fantastic energy. Good
punch you in the face with turquoise and sterling silver rings shit like G
n R is a rare phenomenon, the tops for a time in history and won’t happen
this way ever again.

stepan boublik says:

i want to meet you

Gaguk Santoso says:


Jennifer Denault says:

Take me back to the 1980’s, where the girls are pretty and the music aint
shitty… Oh wont you please take me home!

Vinicius Souza says:


Gustavo Silvestro says:

I love guns n roses

Vince Veraa says:

Burnout Paradise XD

marianna eleutheriou says:

this is awosome

Maurice Stella says:

This is so kicking good :-)

JANUG says:

They’re awasome!

Rob Burnett says:

Axl is a big asshole. I love the band though

nugget1881 says:

I can just hear my gt concept revving up with this song playing

Erik Vendetta says:

Man i love this song <333333

Dale Arms says:

i love this song! brings back good memories!

Savannah McGraw says:

Hey halo whatever your name is ….. fuck you!!!

Ikaro Sousa says:

guns forever

Viktor Georgiev says:

Guns N` Roses, Metallica, Deep Purple, Nirvana all of them are very good

ajay7701 says:

Good times.

Veri Sbriglio says:

Buon pranzo :) 

tryithere says:

Axl has a great voice but he is such a dick.

Kevin Pedersen says:


MrMasonmaster says:

where this city???

Kaitlyn Erickson says:

These guys are freakig classics :D

The Life Blog says:

thursday 6th feb 2014
what im listernig to: paradie city- guns N’roses
10 week till i live, oh yes!
well my new chrome book is the highlight of my life right now. i love it
with all my heart haha. its my boyfriend.

dont you just hate it when younger people then you think they can act above
you?! really pisses me off,
a little yr 9 thinks he can tell me how to do my job, when ive been doing
it alot longer then him,
i really wanted to punch the little twat,,, but you know.

i just want to leave already!
get out of this crap heap away form these idouts.
much love

taty contreras says:

my favorite the guns N’ roses!

Joanna Cabrera says:


Mi Za says:

Slash!!!!!!!!!! :3

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