Hardstyle 2014 New Songs (Best of Hardstyle 2014) [hermhardstyleione]

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Hermione says:

Apart from “Rebourne – Under Our Surface” all other songs are from
jan-april 2014. I previously left out these songs for copyright reasons.
Enjoy the video guys! 

MyTiberia says:

good good let me hear that bass go boom boom 

SirRichyy says:

Code Black is doing really good so far this year, some amazing tracks he
has created! 

TJFW says:

Very good!

Austin Webber says:

So good!

Romain Debroize says:

This song is very very very good, same very excellent :D


S U P E R !!!!

James Morris says:

You never seem to disappoint, keep up with the content your putting out and
we will love you forever 😀 

Jim Roger Johansen says:

Hermione, could you make a video with only hardstyle remixes of other
songs? I LOVE remixes! And I love your videos :P

piebob9x says:

Wow.. Your channel is growing soooo fast. I was since 2k subs

charles kaiser says:

So r u really her? 

Ferdy Abiel Rosales says:

LOVE !HardStyle¡

lastonesz says:

Hermione, what nationality are you? 

Patricia Vega Menezo says:

Por el libro de rubius 

FireWillWork NL says:

Can you do a hardcore one instead of hardstyle?

InfernalEdits says:

How about a rawmix? :3

Helder Vieira says:

Woooooow! The best 2014 Hardstyle i have heard !!! YEAHHHHH!!! 😀 Party all
day :P

Eduardo Clarke says:

Thanks Hermione
I wanna fuck you so hard

Antonio Resines says:

Love it!! :D

jpthegrappler says:


Mrchapola14 says:


Nguyễn Jang Lee says:

Oh phô mai chuối

Ivan Trejo says:

Wildstyles le copio a deadmau5 xc

Justin Armijo says:

I freakin love these mixs there so sick I have everyone 1 downloaded keep
it up…. HARDSTYLE BABY!!!!!

CdrPask says:

Really good mix as usually! 

alan hullinger says:

First song.. deadmau5 some chords. . Sue

Lukas Hummes says:


Mateus Henrique says:

good work

florian mathy says:

very good song ,)

Bryan Eggels says:

good job! nice video like always :’)

Jesper Elfving says:

She’s so hot! <3

DJ SurvivorZ Official says:

<3 Hardstyle!

Vergil Slade says:

Is that Hermione with black hair? Never seen that o.0

ComanderSev says:

I love your taste of music ;)

brian s says:


slinkies productions says:

Ugh this is perfect *0* )/ keep up the good work.! 

Arturas Alisauskas says:


Manuel Swaegers says:

ur sets are good,tehnical more then okay but sometimes think that ur may
ive ur sets more cohones. more balls.

ThePhobezChannel says:

I bloody love this channel, combines two of my favourites: hardstyle and
Emma Watson!

ErrorUnknown RS says:

HardStyle FTW!!!!!

Fabian Mihanta says:

11:01 <3

Theo Hammer says:

Immortal mix age ….

P0CKET says:

The first song is a copy of a deadmau one lol

Mokhtar Ben Ammar says:

Sent you a pm.

kicksomeazz9 says:

Ever thought about uploading an 10 hour version of your favourite songs?
Nice channel btw

watftimiga says:

loved it. this is why you are my number 1 hardstyle uplaoder.

Lukas Hummes says:


Marek Funtowicz says:

The beat is awesome anyway ;)

AlexTwo500 says:

Nice man ;)

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