Hercules Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane Movie HD

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gabberMD says:

NO! u are the rock!

PhillipRottingham says:

“Now tell me…WHO ARE YOU!?”

Max Norrie says:

I can’t take his face seriously. He doesn’t feel like an actor, If you get
my drift.

VanTur GT says:

he looks weird with that long hair lolo

Roger Lord says:

YEEEEEAAAA BOOOOY!!! This movie going awesome right up there with the
Scorpion King!!! BELIEVE DAT!!

demeliou says:

One bad hercules movie for the year was bad enough already

irdissidia says:

Not sure I want to smell what the scorpion king is cooking on Mt Olympus.

Avinash Singh says:

looks badass 

Johail Torres says:

that scream at the end when hes holding up that sword is epic.

KanekoXLiamB says:

If you SMEEELLLLLL what the Herc is cookin’!

Mirza Sardar says:

I AM ON STEROIDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! no Dwayne Johnson works hard

KingSwillz says:

I don’t think they made the right choice casting The Rock as Hercules.

Billy Pickles says:

Well….. This was fun. This is probably as much of the movie I’m gonna
watch. Looks real weak. 

3P1c T4nk says:

looks shit

TheMotherFudger says:

can you smell what hercules is cooking?


Dinu G says:

I do not care what you all think, this movies looks great!

Shareen Ho says:

I swear they just made a Hercules movie not long ago… Hmm… I like how
it’s actually about Hercules, but I hate how the trailer itself makes it
look so compact. Hercules has a bloody long history. If they aim to make
the first story of Hercules and the few stories from the beginning epic,
maybe they can start a whole franchise on the whole story of Hercules.
It’ll beat compressing everything together, making it messy… Also, I
really do hope they’ll try to make it as accurate as they can… Not kiddy
and all disney-like. C’mon Hollywood. Get something right please.

experience life101 says:

Perfect choice of actor 4 da role

shihab1997 says:

01:06 that looked so fake

Jay Awesome says:

It looks so weak

London Buckley says:

Once again the rock is black and Samoan. And for you don’t think so,look up
his father Rocky Johnson who was huge ass hell and you want be so surprised
on how big the rock has gotten far as muscular 

Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

That scene with lion is damn epic and it’s taken from original source about
Hercules and other stuff too.

evan om says:

holy shit a movie about hercules that is actually about the story of
hercules it’s a miracle!!!

09JackDaniels says:

He’s definitely improved his acting, but he’s still not great, but with
good editing, he can seem like one.

Christopher Jhagroo says:

When the guy asked who are you he should have said.


Then the Rocks theme music plays in the background. Lol epic trailer.

macrobov says:

This looks more like a Conan The Barbarian movie and not a Hercules movie.

Dan Ofori says:

It’s all clear now. Dwayne is the main character of THIS Hercules movie.
Not the gladiator one…

Pedro Gomes says:


birdandthebee1 says:

The Labours look sweet, hope they don’t f it up.

William Robenson says:

can you smell what the son of zues is cooking?

Sivád Davis says:

Wasn’t there just a Hercules movie out?
Take your time when you return to the drawing board Hollywood.

nugraha angga says:

until now, im still waiting for Kratos form God of War to be a movie

jo bosi says:

im goin to see it THE ROCK IS THE BEST!!!!

Deceased says:

i love the rock, but this looks terrible imo 

Dan McCurry says:


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