Hopsin – Sag My Pants (Official Music Video HD)

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xYeahZ says:

Fuck you dissin’ Eazy-E.

lifeform106 says:

I love hopsin but plz don’t diss eminem just cause his new stuff isn’t as
good because his old stuff like “my name is” influenced so many rappers
like hopsin and that is why I will respect eminem no mater what cause he
started this crazy game of dissing artist

HereWeGoCleveland says:

Good song but the chorus is fucking terrible

Jon Berg says:

illmonic product that I will get kill if I talk a bout it ? 0:35

Keith Harris II says:

Ok. So I have never heard of Hopsin until today when Nas was compared to
him on another forum. So I just listened to the 1st verse and the hook and
I am impressed.
Ok, I will continue to listen now….

FishDontBlinq says:

I’m here cuz I saw the thumbnail. This guy is trying too hard, not
listening to this crap, still on the commercial not the song. Won’t subject
myself to this crap.

BattleConflict. says:

Aaaaghh nothing is better than Hopsin who makes funny about fake ass
Westside rappers.. #EastCoast

Romanji's Let's Plays says:

I like Hopsin, but he’s got this anger with no legitimate background. I’m
not feeling the emotion. I’m feeling the Crazy but. . . Tyler the Creator
has that covered. I can’t place Hopsin anywhere on my rating. The Community
has it right, he’s got some Slim Shady inside the lyrics, but Eminem had
real life issues, borderline suicide provoking. Hopsin seems like he
doesn’t have a lot to be angry about.

TheConspiredOne says:

Still though your rap is about how every other rapper is shit compared to
you? how can you say that…man i hate those bighead rappers.

T Cooper says:

No long paragraph. Check my music if you want.

Mike Sullivan says:

“I’m just being me what’s the hate for” Disses and hates on every rapper in
the song.

Childish Rapper says:

I prefer the new hopsin to be honest #knockmadness he’s finally discovered
a new technique instead of the braggadocio of him calling out other wack
rappers :D

Aion Rheeze says:

Yes. Hopsin is completely ripping off Eminem. Because Eminem talks about
the illuminati and real world teen/adult problems, and what’s really going
on in the industry. Yes. Hopsin is ripping off Eminem. And no, I’m not
being sarcastic, no, not at all. No sarcasm here. Ha ha ha.


Gaming Armory says:

What a little fucking Lil’ Wayne. His lyrics be like ” Im illuminati bitch,
I got money ” ” I slap hoes bitch “, ” Tell your parents I said fuck you “.
What the fuck happend to hip hop? Please explain to me what all this #yolo,swag,money,hoes
bullshit is about? I was born 20 years to early -.- Please someone find me
a good rapper, now I’m not expecting another Tupac to pop up, but atleast
some one who raps about real shit, not shit he dreams about after her gets
high on glue.

Josh White says:

he disses “soulja boy, lil wayne, rick ross, lupe fiasco” makes me laugh
that all of them are a lot more successful than him! so he’s dissing

Manuel Hernandez says:

What’s with the contacts? What’s with the skateboard?is this rap or hip
hop? I know what it is its PATHETIC LOL

Destiny Golden says:

“Sag My Pants”

Funk Volume
C’mon, keep sleepin’ on me
Hollywood ass rappers
Bitch ass females
That’s enough to make a nigga flip

[Verse 1:]
I erupt like a bomb
So give up the baton
I slap you after bustin’ a fuckin’ nut in my palm
Why you buggin’ me like something was wrong
Just take a puff of the bong
And let me leave your mind corrupt from this song
See you can’t stop me cause I’m a brainwash teens
And create false dreams cause it pays off clean
I’m just an idiotic ironic symbolic illuminatic product
That’s gonna be killed if I talk about it (shhh!)
This industry business is all screwed up
I have no favorite rapper because all you suck
I severe the weakest niggas who not on my pedigree
Because on the tombstone its as hard as it will ever be
I’m judged by my wild image a lot
And everybody seems to think I have a sinister plot, I do
Be offended by every sentence I jot
I got some militant thoughts and you ain’t killin em’
Off so listen

I sag my pants until my ass shows
I even slap hoes (bitch)
Yeah I’m an asshole (yeah yeah)

And your parents hate me cause I love you
So tell em’ I said fuck you
Yeah I said fuck you (yeah yeah)

[Verse 2:]
I snuck in Drake’s house when he was alone inside (uh
You can say I have a bogus mind
I dim the lights and close the blinds
Around his neck is where my rope was tied
I yanked on it till I broke his spine (yeah)
Lately I’ve been fuckin’ pissed off (why?)
Cause everybody’s sayin Lil Wayne spits raw
I start a big brawl
And slam his ass into a brick wall
And have a fat nigga sit on him
Rick Ross (gross)
I don’t play with this rap shit
I got no life, I stay in the attic
Fuck a rap career, I’m waiting to smash it
Soulja Boy you got a corny flow (true)
So you can suck my fuckin’ dick through a glory hole
I’m just being me
What you trying to hate for
All you niggas is faker than Lupe Fiasco claimin he
Yeah right, that nigga can’t even ollie
Push him away on the dolly
Not even Satan can’t stop me (what)

I sag my pants until my ass shows
I even slap hoes (bitch)
Yeah I’m an asshole (yeah yeah)

And your parents hate me cause I love you
So tell em’ I said fuck you
Yeah I said fuck you (yeah yeah)

[Verse 3:]
I’m probably the sickest muthafucka who don’t get recognized
Eazy-E’s wife’s life is somewhat now jeopardized
She signed me and I was set aside
For like three and a half years
I don’t think I remember why
I’m fuckin dope and this is my reward
That’s wacker than the five hundred dollars you signed
Me for
Eazy’s dead now
Yeah the label’s finally yours
Too bad he never knew that you were just a grimy whore
You can’t maintain what Eric built (nah)
I know he’s in his grave turnin like a ferris wheel
Don’t think you’re cool just cause you inherit mil
Bitch play the skills
I’m Hopsin, I spit shit so unfair and real
I got some deep dark issues within
All because you lied and tried to pretend you a friend
Fuck Ruthless, bitch I never lend you a hand
And I’m a make sure nobody ever signs with you again
(You know why?)

I sag my pants until my ass shows
I even slap hoes (bitch)
Yeah I’m an asshole (yeah yeah)

And your parents hate me cause I love you
So tell em’ I said fuck you
Yeah I said fuck you (yeah yeah)

Siah says:

Reminiscent of a young Eminem.

Stempzahh says:

How does Hopsin Make his eyes that small?

Damien LaFlamme says:

love this song

Tone Def says:

Yeah, well Hopsin just a fake ass Eminem and Eminem not even good tho cuz
hop and him suck cock rap god was weak.

lukas bernotas says:

Somehow the way he rap sounds like eminem style 

Clevertp95 says:

“I have no favorite rapper because all you suck” Lol that’s a lie we all
know who your favorite rapper is

Marashor says:

LMAO @ that Rick Ross line!

Bryce Skipper says:

Im gonna start by saying i love hopsin, makes beast ass music. There is one
thing though, lil wayne is not a bad rapper he’s honestly very good at
rapping, the problem is the lyrics are terrible, and i have some idea to
believe that’s because of the label he’s on. Everyone hates lil wayne and
hell even i hate his music, but he is good, he just uses what he has in the
worst possible way.

Štěpán Hlavica says:

this flow remindes me old slim shady a lot man.. 

derp derpin says:

U wanna be a lil like eminem bro, of course u cant be like him but u near

Tommy Bones says:

This shit is so horrible I had to mute the sound while I was writing this

MiddleEye says:

this shit is wack, i rather listen to trap music.

AUDRiUX! says:

the raps good , but them white contacts just make me not like him, idk

poyzan says:

does nobody notice his fucking eyes?

Critical Entertainment says:

You are the only rapper that i like.

Salvador Winsor says:

Are those his natural eyes

Wolf Scott says:

I can understand Hopsin dissing Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Soulja Boy, but
why Lupe? He’s actually good! So is Hopsin though. Just started listening
to him and I’m asking myself why I didn’t start listening to him earlier.

James Servol says:

why does he wear contacts?

Zackarias Evertson says:

Someone kill this stupid ass rapper . 

Moxxi Fable says:

anyones better than Eminem :Y

Omar Nsouli says:

Awesome bro. Just not lupe man his songs also mean something. But everyone
else go for it Lol

FlutterHigh says:

Are there seriously idiots that can’t realize this song was supposed to
mock most of the rappers in our time?
Hop actually writes good shit. “What’s my Purpose” is probably one of the
songs that…speak the fucking truth.

Nin Mino says:

80% Eminem style 

Daki Deshu says:

Although if he worked with rappers like Lil Wayne he would get a bigger
name, I do think he should be recognized among one of the greats.

Morgan Freeman says:

He’s unique

KTwarrior5 says:

His Voice sounds better than Eminem’s.. Eminem has that squeaky scream that
pisses me off all the time.

David Parker says:

I know no one in the main part of the comments trully lashed out at Hop and
this isn’t a new video, but having listened to Hop for a long time, I can
say IMO (so people dont jump me acting like i am stating some fact from my
ass.) He has some very skilled word play that buries alot of hidden
messages that all the trash talker mainstream lovers are way to uneducated
to notice. It’s sad when word play and the rap industry have gone so far
downhill that people can’t understand even Hop’s simplest word plays. This
song had my wife and I rolling with some of the word play. Oh well. Guess
the mainstream can’t handle actual rap anymore. 2Pac and the others would
be rolling in their graves. Especially 2pac who said “A woman brought you
into this world what makes you think you have the right to hit one?”

clain main says:

Gamatosss,,kalhnuxtezzzzzzz sexyzzzzz :* :*

IblewuponyourfaceIII says:

Hopsin, one of the best rappers in the game FUCK THE MAINSTREAM RAPPERS
those bubble gum plastic fake untalented rappers

Harvey Postmaster says:

Na eminem’s flow don’t work from a brother .. even if this guy came out
before it wouldn’t have mattered. slim could have ripped off his whole
style and still would have been highlighted to where he is. 

John Freeman says:

dafuq? whos this hoot-givin whack bitch? 3pac would destroy this kid, son

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