Hunter Hayes – “Invisible” [Official Music Video]

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Ava bosscraft says:

Very touching

John Tay says:

under-rated song.

LilNinjaxoxo says:

I adore this video sooo much

Krissy immaBradfordBhaddBoii says:

So touching I love this song…wow…simply beautiful..the
feeelllssssssss!! Everyone has their own demons hurting them and this song
really helps heal them :) <3

Dolly DollZ says:

Hunter Hayes

Fifi Chamaca says:

this made me cry :'(

christ111ful says:

I can really relate to this song! I’ve been that person also! Sometimes i
think about would’ve someone is talking about me or I feel guilty of what I
did!! I feel pain because I just wanna cry along and I know things won’t be
the same

Curtis Wellhausen says:


Rainbow Vixxen says:

Id love to hear a man sing that song…I hope he will sing it again when
his voice matures!

khushboo vaish says:

I thank you!! You just saved me …I know you have no idea …. but you
just saved me …thank. you :’D

ke1ta2gi3ku4do5 says:

I feel sorry for the mother whose being ignored by her son. Teenagers
nowadays, including me, spend more time on their devices than with their
parents. I think that scene really encouraged to be closer to my own

Claire V. says:

I love this song so much! I can’t help but feel like sometimes I’ve been
this person and it’s songs like these that make me feel better and
stronger. The music video is overall touching and just amazing in general

Sarah Vander says:

i’m crying right now thinking about how much i wish my friend could still
be alive listening to this song’s important message:(

ozoneic says:

Wow! this is such a great song

Alaina Malik says:

My bae

Charley Jeffries says:

This inspired me to stand up to bullies and make some friends who are
actually there for me and don’t treat me like crap. 

Alex Zamarripa says:

Literally cry EVERYTIME I hear this.

Misty5678 says:

This is weird but this song gives me goosebumps! Amazing song with a very
inspiring message. Keep writing songs hunter, you are incredible! This song
has help many people who are your have been bullied!

Elise Gremli says:

That is an EXCELLENT song & an even better video!! This song has a great
message to it & I think everybody should listen to this if they r having a
bad day(:

Donny Vang says:

Wow! What an awesome and inspiring song. My heart can’t really stand still
right now, cause it’s such a moving song!

Into Dark says:

Thats such a beautiful Song with so much depth and soul….LOVE IT *_*

josie hensley says:

I can relate to this song. After I heard it I felt much better about
myself. Thanks Hunter

Alexandra says:


lakendra morgan says:

love it

PBR1819 says:

I can relate to this song because i have been bulid before 

Malabar Carambar says:

Thanks to You to Have Make me Feel Not Alone and Not Invisible During Some

Britney Rominger says:

honestly what kind of person would dislike this song. If you disliked this
song, then you have no heart at all.

Mindy Kirby says:

I live on a daily basis feeling invisible. Thanks for God and these lyrics,
I’m still alive! 

Trankilazo Pg says:


Brianna Hernandez says:


Dulkya Jane says:

Rachel Esdaille says:

this song is beyond words I think that it is one of the most important
songs of this generation. Whether you like Hunter Hayes music or not it
touches the heart and spirit of everyone who listens to it it applies to
everyone in some way or another God bless you Hunter I applaud you for
having the courage to stand up and put out a song like this

izzy bieber says:

A very powerful song I must say. True words spoken from the heart. 

Farhiya N says:

Beautiful video Hunter. You never cease to amaze me♥

Christine Cobready says:

this song explains allot to me i will go to school in nasty clothing and
get pushed around and bullied then i will go home and get raped by my
father and know one would believe me i even had the bruises to prove it but
they still did not believe me all i need is some friends but not the ones
who will use me either i will tell my story to people if you really want to
here the rest my phone number is 716 366 3508 please do not call after
eight and not early in the morning if i do not answer leave a message i
will call you back thank you

itzel g says:

I love you

Taylor Rocheleau says:

This made my cry also. Thank you so much Hunter your a true role model and
a friend. I love you thank you for this! truly thank you!!!:)

Samantha Taylor says:

This song has given me so much hope, and helped me through rough times <3
Thank you so much Hunter Hayes!!

Heidi Anderson says:

This song is so powerful it has such a strong message to it!! This song
really hit home with me!!! Thank you Hunter Hayes

Savannah Erickson says:

This is by far my favorite song right now. Almost everyone can make a
connection to this song. It is amazing

Hekla Finnsdóttir says:

I cried my heart out. It’s just so touching.

Sandra Sanchez says:

I love this and him <333 such an amazing country singer

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