HYUNA – ‘Ice Cream’ (Official Music Video)

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현아의 2번째 미니앨범 ‘MELTING’ 타이틀 곡 ‘아이스크림 (ICE CREAM)’ 뮤직비디오! HYUNA – Official Music Video for ‘ICE CREAM’ Guest Appearance by PSY Available on iTunes 10/23: iTune…


starandstrap says:

I want a hyuna comeback. why cant cube understand that! 

Yareklove Bieber de G-Dragon 〈3 says:

Hyuna is so sexy <3

Hurrrrrrrrrrly says:

dont like this song about ice cream, she should have made a song about
pizza instead

HitlessMelfice2009 says:

needs more psy lol

enrique conde says:

This chick is a pimp and sexy as heck I like dat

Bob Mandoki says:

she is just to Damn SEXY !!!

Tiarn Harkness says:

Batman he is gone

Mu3r73s says:


Aries Mu says:

cheeky cameo from wa$$up Nada & another member before they debut

Donovan Hefner says:

I bet if she ate a jar of jalapenos, her asshole would look like the center
of a Japanese flag when she took a shit

Minami Watari says:


Theouranotaku says:

Woah I’m a girl but hyuna’s hot. haha. Like ohmygod

ioanna georgomitrou says:

Do one song in English !!! Because you have amazing girly voice!!

chrisisawseomo says:

lol i hope people did notice that PSY was in this video

Pinkie pie says:

el chino de gangnam style (?) AGUANTE HYUNAAAA

GiAnna Alberico says:

I go back and watch hyuna mv’s and 4minute stuff and hyuna always makes
these cute fun faces at random points. they seem more like her then the
sexy side. I want CUBE to have a hyuna and or 4minute comeback making
everyone super cute! no revealing clothes. no sexy poses. just cute
innocent girls. most importantly I want them to be them selves and not be
uncomfortable with the shooting. I know they have to do it but id rather
see and hear hyuna not be as miserable as she is. she wants to be herself.
not something super sexy all the time! let her be her. LET THEM ALL BE
THEIRSELVES! PLEASE. I want them to be comfortable not only being noticed
because of their sexy faces dances and photo shoots. I want them to not get
hate because of what their managers and company want them to be. when I
listen to kpop and watch mv’s I want to see and hear the people behind the
character the company has made. I want to know that they’re happy and
receiving great treatment from their company and managers. I want to know
that they’re having fun and staying healthy at least slightly! Please do a
cute! comeback that shows what EVERYONE in 4minute is really like. Please
and thank you. 

izadora pereira de araujo says:


Foxy High says:

How popular is Hyuna…like wow

Thu Hoài says:

hyun a 

Chad Socobos says:

HyunA comeback HWAITING :3

Betty Calderon says:

Japanese people be doing things people dont want to know

maya prescott says:

Didn’t she say I’m allagic to ice cream

Hoai Vo says:


Yetim Kenan says:

superrrrr I LoVe YoU :)))))))

TheGamingAlien says:

Hyuna is good and all but she ruined the Gangnam Style duet with PSY.

TheEtoimos says:

The fan service is unbelievable… :p 

Bảo Trân Nguyễn says:

in this video see the light hyuna

Mustafa Yesim says:


Luke Mac namara says:

Who else would tap that 

Dexter CJ says:

What the fuck, Asians.

christine mejorada says:

Hyuna is so fcking hot . I’m crying . 

AirHead Simmer says:

Stunning <3

Ren jugo says:

i dont understand chinese language but yeah Cool song 😀 and video

sarah wright says:

Hyuna should sing with Gina

Feyzi Koç says:


agogdata says:

so you people make nice cars, nice mobile phones, all kinds of electronics
but you can’t make original songs?

Victor Quiroz says:


Song Hyo Woo says:

Ten times better than the kind of music we have in the charts. Hope music
turns better and hip with cool beats like before. GO KPOP

Diego Capriles says:

Wassup’s’ Nari and Nada!

chenjue ji says:


ha he says:

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