Ingrid Michaelson – Girls Chase Boys (An Homage to Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible”) – OFFICIAL

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Official Music Video for Ingrid’s Single “Girls Chase Boys” from the upcoming album “Lights Out” Available April 15th! Lights Out Tour begins April 21st! Dat…


IngridMichaelson says:
FluffynpinK says:

I get the song and the video (I think), but I don’t get why the men are
wearing make-up?

Ian Eggleston says:

This is where domestic abuse starts

Stefanie DeMand says:

those are some pretty people.

Soff Williams says:

Ahh this music video just made my day! I love the meaning of it and how it
breaks stereotypes. It just put a big smile on my face. Simply amazing.

Claire Murphy says:

I wonder how many sexual identity crises unfolded after watching this
video, hahaha. 

lorien07 says:

This video reminds me of the video for Lovers In Captivity by Ima Robot…

Tyler Corbett says:

I’m playing this song over and over, I love how it has alot of meaning
behind it but yet is still so fun and catchy!

Rick sturart says:

whoops wrong room.

Sabrina Nguyen says:

Friggin love this song

LaZyDiabLo says:

Ok, no more internet for today i’ll have nightmares tonight

bloodslayer57 says:


Lora Rose says:

Simply: hot

Martin Bowen says:

Best pop song I’ve heard in years – total classic. If there’s any justice
we’ll be hating this song in a few months when you can’t go anywhere
without it stuck in your head. Also, hadn’t heard of Ingrid’s work before
but thanks to spotify, that’s all changing.

tanoshineko says:

The makeup artist did an excellent job!

Verity N says:

Congrats Ingrid, You made it to buzzfeed! I think that’s good….

Anne Wilson says:

Great song, great video! This made my day :)

Lindsay Makowski says:

I agree with the previous comments. Those are some fine looking human

Bishop Brett says:

really good song

vSock says:

This is gonna be one those songs that I play on repeat for about a month

Film and Coffee says:


Alyssa Marcel says:

I can’t get enough of this song!

Erika Molina says:

love it! forget about the haters Ingrid! this is awesome =)

Coming Soon says:

This song is amazing but the video just brings it into a whole league of
its own. I love the play on gender stereotypes and the message that this is
sending to the world. So much love for Ingrid! :) :) :)

Rebecca Ann says:

Where can I get lessons to be as pretty as those guys? Haha great video and
song and so inspirational <33

Jackie Quaranto says:

This is a beautiful video, and you are a beautiful person. Never change,
Ingrid Michaelson!

Zoe Atsidis says:

this is so clever, i can’t. 

Michael Taylor says:

Obsessed with this video!!! Lol

Macrina Castrisos says:


cara maxwell says:

I LOVE the song but I’m not a fan of the music video. You could have done a
lot better Ingrid.

Funkopedia says:


Ryan Gaines says:

I’m kind of surprised I haven’t heard of this song before now…
Great message :)
Go Binghamton, NY!!! 

Emily Sprague says:

Just fabulous. Incredibly catchy and wonderful. 

Wayland C says:

Ingrid rocks.

leup garu says:

i love this song and good choreograph

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