Interstellar Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2014) Christopher Nolan Sci-Fi Movie HD

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Interstellar Official Teaser Trailer at Nut Crazy Talent


Emil Giurca says:

fingers crossed for this. it’s been a long time coming. and after seeing
dallas buyers club … i couldn’t believe this guy could deliver something
like that. and yet he did. and he did it beautifully.

Manintoga says:

Anne Hathaway….into the trash it goes.

LinkinParkTVBr says:

Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack?

MrSihrus says:

Does anybody else’s speakers vibrate really loudly when watching this

winter ramos says:

Nolan had a budget of just a few thousands of dollars for his first
film..Now he’s a MEGA DIRECTOR!! achieve the impossible aspiring
filmmakers!!!…just like myself.

King Rooney says:

Nolan could take the weakest of actors out there and still make a classic.
This film will be incredible because he’s the best out there.

nsr4interpol says:

Wer r all teh alienz?

Tomta20012 says:


Ozymandias says:

Justine Biebar fans disliked this trailer 


I do not know much about Nolan…. But I can tell you that this movie will
be a priceless and inspiring tale. They have Dr. Kip Thorne (world’s
leading scientist on wormholes) as an executive producer and are basing
much of the story off of his theories. How often do movie producers so much
as consult a scientist to read over their scientifically inaccurate script
(Prometheus/Armageddon/Star Trek etc.). Let alone hire one on as a
director. As long as they do the story right and inspire a few people in
this new materialistic generation to look up to the stars again, I will be
proud and honored to spend my money on this movie. I also hope other
producers will follow suit instead of making movie for money. 

Jason Lacey says:

patrick bateman says:

ahh come on they could have at least shown us the spaceship or wormhole dag

Machimachina says:

This movie is the movie that shall pierce the heavens.

Sorrow0265 says:

Besides Godzilla, I’m looking forward to this movie. Because one of my
childhood dreams was to travel interstellar distances. Even today I’m still
reading the news on the progress of Faster Than Light travel, because if we
live on a planet, then why not live on another one. I know they say that
the cost are high, but look at how much us humans have accomplished over
the years. We gone so far and still we are pioneers. If anyone reads this
please like this video and like this comment. This film will bring back my

Johnny Morales says:

So I take it in addition to painting, former President Bush is now
narrating movie trailers? ;)

ChannelName says:

That guy is using Mathew Magonicky’s voice.

TokyoKazama says:

Release date: December 14th 2014? Nolan trying to sneak it into ‘best
picture’ category for the Oscars perhaps?

MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

New Teaser Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming space time-travel film
#Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey. 

Sal Alonci says:

if this movie is good, it will be like a science fiction version of The
Right Stuff. If its bad, it’ll be Matthew McConaughey vs. alternate
dimension Mattew McConaughey with a mustache

The King Of The Potato People says:


Dorian Ghita says:

Reminds me of Armageddon. Hell yeahhhhhhhhhh

Jorn van der Velde says:

I’m so hyped for this movie

gizmo walters says:

I hope this is one of the best movies ever made but Jessica Chastain is in
it so…..

Nick G says:

ok…this trailer doesn’t make sense at all…I’m guessing all those people
sucking on nolan’s sack will go see this

Jerry West says:

Hope this movie wakes the sheeple up to demand more funding for science and

abello4f1 says:

Most of the time, a teaser tells me everything interesting about the movie,
this one tells me nothing.. im not use to it.

Tide Vang says:

ok can anyone tell me what is going on??!!

Mohamed Lansari says:

What a vague, yet encouraging trailer.

303430 says:

All I know is the movies that pretty much show you nothing in the trailers
turn out to be great movies!

Drew Wilkins says:

@Manintoga yeah I know I agree but you have to admit she was good in dark
knight rises, that’s why I have hope. I think Nolan is making her a better
actress. I’m hyped for this film though

Mortis206 says:

Who else CANNOT wait!!!

Progbrain Music says:

amazing teaser. the music of hans zimmer and the pictures fit perfectly
together. can’t wait for this film. the next masterpiece of nolan. he can’t

Arjun Menon says:

One of the best directors in the world, teams up with some of the best
actors in the world, with a movie written by one of the most creative
writers in world, brought to life by one of the best new cinematographers
in the world. Not to forget, one of the all time great composers in the
film world brings the music.

Yea… This is going to be one hell of a movie.

laistar says:

Nolan has the best movie trailers in his recent films he’s

christimothy12 says:

god that is a teaser trailer for sure, very little actual footage from the

lovshooting says:

Do you know how easy it is for the shuttle to goto the moon. Much more room
and more capacity for a payload. Instead of a satellite we can deploy the
proven moon lander…. Why can’t go back and start mining the moon. Why
even bother with a space station, we already have the moon…

Liam O Connor says:

i wanna watch this movie right now !

kain91939 says:

another snoozefest in the making. 

Raulymath says:

Did you notice the Batman Logo at the end of the trailer?

Ashraf Roomi says:

Oscar Movie 

ñike (Rafael Sang) says:

We’re gonna need a new word for “epic”, its not enough anymore.

Jeremia Morobe says:

We all know this is gonna shake up Hollywood right?! Can’t wait!

Manuel Gonzalez says:

Every time I hear about a new Nolan movie, i don’t even bother to watch the
first trailer, because they give absolutely nothing away from the film. lol
I think this is going to be good though. 

K Victoria says:

Oh wow. I can already tell this is amazing. And the song makes you want to
cry. So want to see this

Papa Monster says:

One year from now????? WHAT?

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