Into the Storm Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2014) – Richard Armitage Thriller HD

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YungDroProductions says:

wow .. this is amazing living in the storm i only witness strong hurricanes
.. this will be nice to watch

TheWolfx1vp says:


R.J Williams says:

This trailer was a coincidental one because there is a storm going on right
now. The moment they told me to listen there was a very loud thunderous
sound outside!!!!

This looks like a updated TWISTER movie.!!

ender25ish says:

i wonder if anyone has thought of using nukes or high yield weapons to
disrupt tornados?….sounds like it would make a better movie than

Uttom Tang says:

What now another World ending movie lol

Roronoa Kun says:

So…… Firenado? Thats new.

Kate says:

Destruction porn

dablet00 says:

based on a true story….

Japheth19 says:

Sooo…I guess this is like a Twister remake with seemingly conscious evil
tornadoes are out to get people?

MrDanNoob says:

so… nature huh?

digy1st says:

Is this the sequel to Sharknado?

Boat says:

That tornado must be a mythical F10 category. Don’t worry, Bill Paxton is
out there and he knows what to do with it.


2012 ? ;)

TheMaxtasy says:

Blatant lack of sharks.

viciousme90 says:

Thought 2012 was a hoax 

zRoyland says:

I don’t know how to feel about this movie. It’s so cliche, yet it’s so new.

Noctica says:

2012 ;)

Dannie Gregoire says:

*Tornadoes on the big screen*
A new tornado-themed movie is coming to theaters this August.
Unfortunately the trailer shows it will have a lot of bad Twister-esque
flaws. Check out the scene where a guy is holding another character who is
flapping in the wind *while bricks are being torn off the adjacent
building.* Apparently he is either a super hero or has bolted his shoes to
the street.

Taco1011 says:

I’m sold

Hadouk3nN says:

that sound – Silent Hill nothing else and i cannot forget it everytime i
hear it

the elemental sky cube says:

did you see what it did to that airport?

Nate Massad says:

Holy sh*t. Thats insane.
I’m getting a ticket for the imax version.

TicTacPilgrim says:

Hell ya Twister 2!!!…..wait o.O? 

Stay Tuned... says:

Whoa… WOW… looks like a cross between The Day After Tomorrow and
Twister… and I’m a sucker for these kind of movies. I’ll be watching it
for sure !!

D. LUXX says:

Twister 2??

Javier Hinojosa says:

Flying cows or GTFO

Jason Vaquero says:


Ashrak Ahmed says:

This movie makes “Twister” look Oscar worthy!

Chanie says:

There are no sharks in those tornadoes so I’m not interested

Jarmar Alu says:

lol I like what I see

Jay Arsenault says:

Reminds me that iCarly episode…

Demis Lyall-Wilson says:

Tornado movies FTW!

Dukefrukem says:

Did I wake up in 1996?

Mario Lam says:

Twister part 2 ????????????

Lalo Camacho says:

Twister + The Day after Tomorrow + 2012…. don’t you have some new???…

AirAtNight says:

Optimus Prime got caught up in the twister at 1:23
He forgot to rollout after he transformed

Julie Hobbs says:

Looks cool, I love cheesy disaster movies

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