Ishk Actually Theatrical Trailer | Rajeev Khandelwal, Rayo Bakhirta, Neha Ahuja, Ann Mitchai

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Enjoy the trailer of bollywood upcoming movie “Ishk Actually” starring Rajeev Khandelwal, Rayo Bakhirta, Neha Ahuja and Ann Mitchai and directed by Anish Kha…


Asad Shaikh says:

Acting by the actress looks really bad. But the song in the end seems good.

Wassi Warsi says:

Seems interesting and hopefully the music will be awesome because CB is the

iDontWantToLive OnThisPlanetAnymore says:

damnn kabir is hottt

jagdish kalshetty says:

love u rajeev

priyankajeev says:

From these evidences it is clear that Rajeev has no plans for this movie
and he wants to stay away from its release. So “Kindly don’t use Rajeev’s
name as main lead.” 4-5 scenes’ appearances don’t make him as a lead actor.
makers are only in a motto to use his brand name after success of Table no.
21. with regards Priyanka

gaurav rana says:

Just watched it,amazing heart touching story

Milan Aryal says:

music really awsome

abudabu200 says:

bekaar music, bakwaas dialogues and what bad acting! Jesus, it’s like
they’ve all seen medusa and the stone-face expression is all they can do.

priyankajeev says:

rajeev is nt interested in dis muvi n in his tweets he is spreading not to
think it as his muvi as he has done only 4-5 scenes :) check @Rk1610isme on
twitter for full details from Rajeev himself

Abhijit Gogoi says:

Aside Rajeev Khandelwal, bad acting. Predictable storyline. Even the
trailer is not exciting enough. If trailer is the precursor of a film, then
Love Actually will be a huge disappointment. Feeling bad for Rajeev; he’s a
great actor.

rockstarsahil says:

ha ha ha luv actually ki maa lagdi yaar BC

Muhammad Ali says:

Waiting 4 music ..

priyankajeev says:

RKianz ‏@RKianz 26 Sep @iskkActually ‘s trailer release on Sep 30Expand
Reply Retweet Favorite More Rajeev Khandelwal ‏@RK1610IsMe 26 Sep @RKianz
please don’t carried away by these rumors. It’s an incomplete film. Rajeev
Khandelwal ‏@RK1610IsMe 18h @RKzHub please don’t retweet anything abt Ishk
actually. It will mislead people. Thanks

Ibrahim Idris says:

Nice ♡

ThaiPMB ONN says:

Ann Mitchai : very Hot ( I love ann )

Aron George says:

Copy of korean movie april snow

bekind says:

looks like a love story, thank you bollywood for making decent films like

NikxRainForever says:

No matter how hard rajeev try he won’t get a success like sushant ! rajeev
you rocked on T.V dude gb to that .. you will be happy again.

Satyajit Mukherjee says:

lets see

iDontWantToLive OnThisPlanetAnymore says:

i dont understand the story, can someone explain?

Sukriti Bhukkal says:

the only saving grace is the song in the end by Arijit singh. u rock as
always!! n p.s. the trailer sucks!!

hemant dubey says:


Muhammad awais says:

Arjit Singh- Aye dil bata :) GOnna be a nice song

priyankajeev says:

I wan2 drag ur attentn 2wards Rajeev’s opinn in dis regrd. He hs recntly
joind twittr n in his tweets he hs shwn his non rlnce 4 dis Muvi. Rcntly Mr
Paintlal cngrtulatd him 4 dis muvi wer he has sd “Rajeev Khandelwal
‏@RK1610IsMe @paintall thank you sir & it’s not my film. I m der in hrdly
4/5 scns. Did it emtnally 4 Sunny, prducer. He wnted 2 revive his fmly
banner.” And he is continuously stopping his fan clubs and groups not to
spread this movie calling as His movie to stop misleading people

Jappy Lynott says:

Very song yaar dil bata

priyankajeev says:

in one sentence it is incomplete movie. according to Actor Rajeev

Riya Jadhav says:

whoa luckily I came across Dhoom3 whole length film. you can view the full
movie copy paste this tr.im4gz78

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