It Ain’t Over – The Big Time Rush Movie Trailer (Unofficial)

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Disclaimer: This was made simply for fun. Nothing official here, but I hope you still enjoy it! Video by: @schmidtnight :)


revistabomba says:

I love it!!! :D

James Maslow says:


Ελενακι Ρασερ says:

James will you do new album? Pleaseee answer<3

Jessy Maslow says:

they GOTTA do a movie like that !! OMG thsy R amazin’:D

Mady G says:

lets make that real movie

floppyrusher de pena says:

whooo me enacantoo! 

Julia Staroń says:

What is this song?

BTR'sGirl says:

I like this so much because it’s not sad! and it just shows strength and
power from our boys.<3

Crazy 4 BTR says:

i have imovie 2 check out my chennal i posted a tralier about the bous

Alicia van Schoor says:

It is Fake you can clearly see that is the app called: iMovie!

Rusher, BGirl & Luedizer says:

Great job!! 😀
That was so AWESOME!!! 😀
It would be even MORE AWESOME if it was going to be a real movie!!!

Annie Wijstema says:

That was soo COOL!!!!!!

Katie F says:


Saskia Knob says:

I love it *-*

5496gg22 says:


Cynthia Schmidt says:

Is this like a movie that would be chill in the big screen 

Caroline Schytte says:

Have you made it on your computer or on your phone?:)

Maq HS says:

OMR!!!!!!!!!!1 <3 <3

mercedes guzman says:

i love you guys !!!



Dainka Narvaez says:

this was perfect! love it

Hutchings Daniel says:


Kourtney says:


Dany Rusher says:

sacaran esa pelicula de verdad ??

Dana Paola Maslover says:

me encanto el trailer aunq no le entendi porq soy de mexico

Florencia Marchetti says:

jajajjaja esta muy bueno el triler

marcelo lopez says:

Quiero verla

zaira moreno says:

va a salir si o no en cines

Daniella Jimenez says:

Como? Si va a salir esa pelicula o no??

paulo fernando says:
Luana Henderson says:
paulo fernando says:
Taylor Waters says:

It would be so cool if this were a real new movie :)

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