Iyaz – Solo [Official Music Video]

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2011 WMG “Solo” by Iyaz from ‘Solo – Single,’ available now. Download on iTunes: http://bit.ly/kbODHw Stream Iyaz on Spotify @ https://bitly.com/pZ3Li9 Lin…


FLY HIGH says:

The beat sounds like , Janet Jackson – AGAIN. 

Elliot Linnington says:

love this tuneee

laura thorburn says:

I used to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ this song Clyde1 Romeoindemand used to play this all the

Kaya Cruz says:

check them out!!
Iyaz – Solo [Official Music Video]

gladys Lorraine says:


Peter Biery says:

He is a boss

IVews Flash- says:

Can u sign me plz

pani makiteiaa says:

i like this song

Susan Lane says:

This is my boy

Alicia Castellanos says:

Love it you r awesome

Danielle Dennis says:

Omg still in love

Pauline toopretty Tenneh says:

his is my soooong!!!!

cherry son says:

Still Listening in 2014 <;3

Le Lee says:

He needs to come back 

jazlyn russo says:

cool song

vFreestylez says:

Primary School Memories ;D

Pokemon123 says:

Copy Jason 

Benzz Hypess says:

still love this song from 3 years ago 2 now :)

Whitney Phillips says:

I still love this young!


Actually love this song 3

bernice smith says:

lol I just realized that he’s so damn short. Aww <3

Comfort Owusu says:

yh luv it 

guy cool says:

i don’t want to do this lol

Josh T says:

I love that back drop bass…i wish I just had that on a cd..lol 

Luuk Woudberg says:

i still listen this song so good song !!

Steve Jobs says:

he has such an amazing voice! 10/10 song

Cody C says:

Man the memories. :(

Lolcast Monkey says:

I dont know why but, 2010 is my favorite year? 😀 

GIlo Adu says:

Still on this like it was yesterday turn up!

Rocio Arauz says:

I still lisen in 2014

Alejandro Torres says:

I feel the song

BieberMahone Love says:

i used to love this song so much. ahahah brings back memories

David Johnson says:

The people who have disliked it are stupid

Tia Harris says:

I love this too much 

SkinWalker says:

Did Jason Derulo copy it?

Art Nethyy says:

old memories to this song

Dede Cole says:

hey guys how r u all i love this song plz listen

kisha ryan says:

I love you so much more than happy

Lucas Anderson says:

Great song, it sounds incredible on my new sms streets by 50 on ear I just
got them tonight listened to everything and they’re awesome!

Tadeo Alexis Benitez Villaba says:

my remebers whaen i was a kid ;)

Amber Hand says:

I love this song still.:D

Tyanna Chappell says:

Love this song :) <3 

zLamakz says:

I thought this was sean kingstons song lol

badboybrian4533 says:

ok song 

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