Jon Stewart Standup

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Jon Stewart in Miami – 1996. Talking about War with Iraq and Canada.


Cason Celious says:

A young Jon Stewart = Zach Braff.

Eion O'Neill says:

“Why is it that whenever somebody wants to be elected, they become us?”-Jon
Stewart. In this video from 1996, The eventual “Daily Show” host chimes in
on everything from bombing Iraq, the U.S. presence in the Middle East and
the Presidential election. The references are a bit dated, but the points
made are stronger than ever.

Javier V. Sánchez says:

Jon Stewart Standup

Randy Brush says:

Jon Stewart in Miami – 1996. Talking about War with Iraq and Canada.

Prince Charles John says:

jon stewart’s whole routine is based upon making fun of people… not
actually clever jokes. When you make fun of easy targets it’s not a joke…
it’s everyone agreeing with you and therefor it’s funny. Mitch Hedberg is
silly, but he comes up with clever shit instead of just making fun of easy

Adirondack13 says:

If you really think that you’re ignorant. First of all however no one gives
a fuck seeing as we’re as strong as allies as we can get. Second they all
use the same gear (for the most part) However, the american military is
better equipped (look at the budget buddy, thats not even counting the
black budget)

Inerddy224 says:

Even though they’re making fun of Canada I laughed

PolexiaAphrodisia says:

O Young Jon Stewart you where so right!

Fifa Man says:

jon stewart is a good looking dude

ShadeoftheRaven says:

@GrandMasterFreshMpls Lol, I know. 😉 We wouldn’t do crap. But it’s fun to

Yoo Jay says:

Hey guys! I am making videos I actually care about so I would appreciate
anyone taking a look at my channel and giving me criticism!

Chris Adamson says:

@MacNcheese76 its not exactly a new thing the West has been fighting in the
Middle East for hundreds or thousands of years depending if you count 19th
century as the beginning of the confllict or go all the way back to the
Crusades. It’s not that prophetic or ironic to talk about war with iraq and
canada in 1996 – this was after the Gulf War and many previous conflicts
between Jews/the West and Palestinians. You guys need to do some reading.
The War in the Middle East didnt start with Bush!

28sevillista says:

Jon Stewart is awesome! Would love to see him live doing stand-up 😀

GrandMasterFreshMpls says:

Cute little Canadian

wickkidda says:

only honest comedian who’s not dead

banditboydavid says:

Doesn’t he look like Jerry Seinfeld just a little in this video?

RealManArab says:

fuck’im a stupid zoinist

Marcus Freelance says:

The invation seems so close ago but the video quality don`t lie, im old.

baverdi says:

You give me hope.

Reedtarded says:

I’m also not sure Jesus, Muhammed and Moses went to the same high school,
but I could be mistaken.

Jordan Parmenter says:

He’s funny, but he’s gotten better with age.

LilBlacJac510 says:

Man John was right we didn’t have a reason at all to be in the middle east
nothing but trouble

Narissa Fraser says:

Hahahahaha! ^_^

Tate Gibbs says:

yeh very

Toblerusse says:

I’ve been looking for this online for…..well, forever….. So glad i
found it. Thank you for uploading. Brings me right back to highschool. I
remember watching it on VHS YOU CAN DO IT!

MAD BUDDHA troy says:

a voice of sanity in a mad world–cheers mr stewart

Meteora999 says:

wow, he made this point before the war now. spot on this guy

Todd Starr says:

Wcw wcw wcw

3rdPR says:

Tell us.

iuhuh10110 says:

America doesn’t need wood, we get all ours from the Amazon.

george blunders says:

because it’s comedy, not a history lesson -you go to school for that

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