Jonas Brothers: When You Look Me In The Eyes – Official (HQ)

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Official music video for ‘WHEN YOU LOOK ME IN THE EYES’. Taken from their self titled CD. In stores now. Find out when the Jonas Brothers are coming to a cit…


MrTiannaRawr says:

im gonna cry. so many memories in one song.

Kris C says:

I love this song, I used to be a fan, now it’s just a really good memory =)

JOBROFAN1583 says:

you know what’s even more sad about this i bet all those girls in this
video aren’t even fans of them anymore i’m sure they’ve all moved on to
other artists

Monica Ortiz says:

I will never forget them. They were my first boy band. 

rayray3486 says:

This made me wanna cry. 

EJ101 says:


christian rayandayan says:

for Raymond nacionales :)

Nadia Anandini says:

i wished they still stayed together (as a band)

Allan Gumera says:

good old memories ^^
back then we always sing this in school
reminds me of my first crush :3 

Ellie Ha'Mashiach says:

Still vibin’ to this. 

cj denatolio says:

i miss them so much!!!!!!!!!

Kristen Blomquist says:

this song makes me cry everytime I listen to it .

nononoidontlikeyou says:

my feeeels, omg

Erika Di Noto says:

Jonatic was a promise ..
it’s a promise!

i miss you.. :(

itsjen516 says:

I MISS THEM :'( they will always be my boys for life

Elizabeth Pinto says:

Love this song, this is my favorite since I was 7 (2009) and still is
(2014) :) 

Milagros Hidalgo says:

ilove this song ♥

Andrea Peroni says:

I can’t get over this! JB will always in my mind

Caitlin Friend says:

Forever and always a fan.

Georgia Papadopoulou says:

JONATIC for ever! <3

Kady Love says:

I Like Song …. Jonas Brothers – When You Look Me In The Eyes

EternalOutlaw says:

Sad to admit I love this song

sweetiepieHK says:

I will always love the Jo Bros, even though I’m not as a big fan as I use
to be :) This is my favorite song from my favorite album, love their voices

alvb2901 says:


Jonas Potter says:


Thais Oliveira says:


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