Justin Bieber – Love You (Audio) ft. Usher (NEW SONG 2014)

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Justin Bieber – Love You (Audio) ft. Usher (NEW SONG 2014) Justin Bieber – Love You (Audio) ft. Usher (NEW SONG 2014) Justin Bieber – Love You (Audio) ft. Usher (NEW SONG 2014) Justin Bieber…


abirami ganesh says:

yeah!! i just wanna love you!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

bizzle biebs says:

#1 no es justin
#2 no es usher

saneyha tillman says:


N_i_n_a1234 says:

sounds nothing like justin ugh wtf


Justin Bieber – Love You (Audio) ft. Usher

Matteo Buonocore says:

No es Justin -.-

Gourav Laha says:

Justin is really growing up to becoming bigger than he was

carolina llatjos says:

perfectttt <3 justinnnnnn 

Vivivian Simeao says:

Love you justin

coralie henry says:

c’est absolument parfait. I love you.

Pike Cohodar says:

I lovr you Justun Bieber ♡♥ Ajla Cohodar

Jeremy Hernandez says:

fake brooo

Tyesha Jack says:

That don’t sound like him

MrWaan Atiif says:

This Not Usher xD
And This Is Not Justin Even xD
And This Is Not A Song This ****

Takaisia Draughn says:

Khalil Underwood

Sanju Thapa says:

amazinggg biebezz lov u 

Jakub SekundaVEVO says:

Good :)

Laysla Terra says:

Amo esse lindo 3

Jesbithzay Alayon says:

no es la voz de justin
es obvio 

Isabella Campanelli says:

i’m gonna kill anyone who thinks this is justin you guys must not know what
justin sounds like Lol

tia fishero says:

This is khalil underwood not justin bieber

Julissa Torrez says:

no parece su voz :c

DuyquDisney says:

Justini herkes seviyor

Krishna Contreras Saldaña says:

I love you :))))

Fernanda Brito says:

I love you justin my life you my world i love ♥♡♡

Boybelieber Elijah says:

can u stop this is not even justin lmao fuckers

Leva Levi Leota says:

not Justin

senta bet says:


berecik2000 says:

Nice and this Auto-Tune :P

Juliana Rodrigues says:

DOWNLOAD ?????????????????????????????????

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