Kari Jobe – “Forever” (Story Behind the Song)

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Kari Jobe shares the story behind her latest single, “Forever.” Available on iTunes 2/18/14. Majestic Tour: http://c.karijobe.com/majestictour Website: http:…


8000RPMS says:

is she hispanic?

CookieBear99 says:

I can’t wait for the new album!!! I can’t wait to worship Jesus <3

2028 END says:

2028END d o t c o m !!!!

Aba Owusu-Biney says:

thank u Lord

MrandMrs Nava says:

Amen . Glory to god. Its always a blessing to hear kari jobe. One of the
most greatest voices. God bless.

Michaela H says:

“It makes the enemy mad.” You got that right, sista! Amen!!! <3

MaximeMei says:

Wow, wow, wow. Kari Jobe has a special voice and her songs are amazing. I
really can’t wait for her new album to come out. I love this song!

tammylovesmakeup says:

All though she is white she looks,Hispanic. 

selenaforever12 says:

I LOVE the Song!!!! I’ve actually had the opportunity to sing it to my
Church on Ester!!! of Course i was no where as good as Kari but i put my
own style into it and everyone loved it!!!! I felt like Jesus was right
next to me when i Sang the Song and My love for my Savior even grew and it
over come my heart, my soul and my Spirit!!! Jesus is my Lord, and my
Savior. I will Worship him until my last breathe and even beyond that!!!
God Bless whoever reads my Comment!!!!

Benoît Mussche says:

Hi Kari, I’m from Belgium and usually watch Joel Olsteen’ sermon from last
week on the Saturday and usually, I skip to 1h10 to hear Joel right away.
But tonight I had a pizza in the oven, so I ffwd’ed to 1h00 and let
Victoria talk, then came your song from Sunday 23/2 church and I was
absolutely amazed!! Fell on my chair and listened it 4-5 times before
looking for other versions on Youtube. When you kneel to let the song delay
and the voice backups step forward and lift you, I had shivers up and down
my spine several times over and tears in my eyes. Thank you so much! Your
passion and your faith leave no doubt about your talent.

Suuvr says:

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Johana Suero says:

I just say you’re my favorite Worship leader, just the best. Amazing and
great song … Simply the best. Congrat Kari ?Jobe

mery kissandtellpoprose says:

she is amazing ! my role model i love and the most important I LOVE JESUS!

Jason Lee says:

Sweet sweet truth! Your joy for the Lord is contagious. Thank you. Exciting
promises ahead!

Kevin Gerez says:

watch my channel ! cool

Maria Theresa Gementiza says:

Hello Ms. Kari.. we really loved your song.. To God be the glory..
Please Please come here in the Philippines.. Many souls are hungry and
thirsty.. If you got the chance to have a concert here in the Philippines,
please do.. God bless your pure heart Ms. Kari..

kellenabner says:

The Bethel version is really good, but from what I’ve heard of this
version, it’s even better!

Ale Bernal says:


GoYe Preach says:

Amazing, God Bless you Kari

Debbie Rizzo says:

Yay kari….your makeup looks sooooo pretty!

rafaelileus says:


joy luo says:


Mathannia Key says:

kari jobe forever i love you songs.. :*

dnttxt&dr says:

Kari, you are one of the best worshipper I’ve seen & heard!! When I pray
while listening to your worship… The presence of God draws near. I wish I
could worship God as freely as you do, but I hold back. I wish I was free,
but I feel inferior. I feel bound, I feel misunderstood, I am not like
Christ, I don’t know what he sees in me because what I see isn’t good. 

Paul Wiggins says:

Love it!

Sarah ferraz says:

kari jobe é solteira?

Rejects says:

She is probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

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