Katy Perry ft Juicy J – Dark Horse (Alex G Acoustic Cover) Official Music Video

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Alex G says:

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! This album is going to be amazing. And I have you
to thank for it :) Thanks for the chat!

Alex G says:

Cute shoes, eh? Who’s lookin’ to get a pair? 😉 

Morgan Higgins says:


Robert Paul Hegenbarth says:

Awesome cover, Alex! Really enjoyed this one :)
Why not have a look at my channel as well, if you got one moment more?
I am a young musician who really appreciates any kind of support so much

Alain Chomik says:

Very nice video as always !
Bravo Alex !

Taylor Lankford says:

Sorry I think Katy Perry just ate your heart..

HelloMyNameIs .TessaKozun says:

You’re kinda late on the Dark Horse train. . 

Maia C says:

Where is your top from???

freddy summers says:

i love u :)

DomGraceMusic says:

eyebrow game on point hahahaha (:

Gerald Wicks says:

I did a cover of this song on my channel! If you would check it out that
would be awesome! And if you’re enjoyed it in the least bit, like and
subscribe? Trying to get a good start on here and some feedback would be
greatly appreciated!

Julie Grace says:

Could listen to your voice the whole day! :)

carmel soon says:

you are amazing!

Ava Carroll says:

Waay better than the original

Evy Reinders says:

You all should watch CeeJ’s cover of this song, it’s amazing and no I’m not
getting paid to say this and I’m not her friend either but that one is just
amazing haha!

josh pecuil says:


Cameryn Rowe says:

Omg it is great I love it so much

vakeitu says:

Love her!!!

Noha Khalaff says:

Best cover ever and wayyyy batter then the original 

Alice Hornby says:

your perfect and I have had money put aside for the album since December!
so excited for it! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Andre Carasic says:

nice cover Alex, guys check my covers and leave some feedback !

Lulu says:

Your voice is perfect :))

josh lee says:

great cover! love your voice..

Kayies M says:

Cute.. I ❤ this version so much more

Shemsi Shqiperia says:

XD Basically I always end up having 2 versions of the same song on my
cellphone! One is the Alex version the other one is the Tyler ward version!
😉 That’s wonderful :D

travisdoyly says:

you shuld try raping because you arev hot alex g hat as saten/hell

Girlmo13 says:

Alex G , you are incredible artist!

fatih can Saruhan says:

Please.Cover it. “”DO WHAT U WANT – Lady Gaga”

kirsten paxton says:

You know it’s bad when I hated this song until Alex sung it lol

KayItsKennedy says:

Got a follow

Ani Meow says:

hey i love u voices,i u remember me alex oO
you float to much with ur arms :*

Megan Gonzales says:

Ur soo pretty and gifted to have a voice like tht:) can’t wait 4 ur album I
been saving some money 4 it can’t wait!!! 

Fanny Proisy says:

Hahaha! Alex you’re crazy and so cute! XD

Fujank says:

You’re awesome.

LolliiQueen says:

the best part was the rendition of the rapping part 😀 it was good 

ThePianoChannel says:

Alex you always do such an amazing job!! I LOVE all of your covers and
original songs so much! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for every minute you
invest in making new videos..:) You’ve found your talent and made the best
out of it :) you’re amazing!!!! :)

CatsLoveMe Yay says:

Is that tyler playing the guitar?

Nicole Phoebee says:

I love you

Jon Raymundo says:

This is perfect although it would sound better with the original beat

annie nelson says:

I would like this better if you wouldn’t use your arm so much, it’s super

LOve Alex G says:

Very nice Alex G I love you!!!

Gustavo Lopes says:

Gostosaaaa!!!!! Tesãoo!!!!!!

Karla Illescas says:

your voice is amazing, congratulations. I always see your videos. Greetings
from Ecuador

2Raaafael says:


Josey Monroe says:

Alex, you are great! When do you come to europe next? ♡♥♡

branjimguy says:

Beautiful face, beautiful body, and beautiful voice.

Samantha Seven says:

do a cover of latch or nirvana by Sam smith plz!!! 

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