Kevin Hart’s Wife Goes In On His Cheating Ways

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Mir Paul says:

bitch you just made she suck dick better then you

warmbronze says:

Wow ok Kevin talked about his wife all the time. Good bad or whatever. I
feel she only did to him what he. Has been doing to her for years. Hell if
it’s funny i am going to laugh no matter who mouth it comes from

Cynthia Temple says:

Everyone vents! Even all you here posting. Like none of you ever vented
about an ex. PLEASE HAVE A SEAT! LOL!

Mapataza Shamiwan says:

Noooooooooooooooooot fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny stupid bitch!!!!!!

arie Barnes says:

They were married for 8yrs… N she said obviously this was when
they were married

MrOakland31 says:


kidcocky75 says:

i was actually there that day she did this and i can tell you that half of
the audiences left because of her lame azz jokes against kevin….she
really have no talent at all and this right here disappoint me to see such
a beautiful woman with an annoying voice to this…

Tanisha Adjokatcher says:

lol she funny

Carl Warren says:

she’s gotta circumvent that shit somehow. i guess laughter is therapeutic
for her i say at do works for you.

TaMurda says:

Nooooooooo she wasn’t ReeeeeeeeeeadddYYY!!!

IamMusic247 says:

i hate this new thing that females let there husbands cheat…its stupid
because whats the point of being married? and if she is letting him cheat
then why divorce him? what else could you possibly do that could result in
a divorce lmao it cant be because the girl called your phone get mad at her
not him lol if all men cheat i’m ready to be the single old lady with all
the cats lmfaooooo

ItsLulu246 says:

And if she wants some new penis then get a divorce stupid b*tch . Your NOT
funny soo stop . Smh if I wasn’t 16 & I was older I would love to be with
Kevin Hart and not because he has money .

Chuchi Jacobs says:

not funny at all….guess she just wanted to put kevin hart on blast!

LoZo Snell says:

-___- lady sit down somewhere!!

Drizzy DaKid says:

Lol she gonna be labeled a hoe if she cheats on her dude doe

Michelle Jessop says:

She’s a horrible comedian!!! Wow, no wonder she’s jealous of Kevin Hart’s
success. Kevin Hart, you rock!!!!

willie smith says:

I’m all about venting but this is kinda sad…you can tell she’s hurt and
that this really didn’t do shit for her other than let everybody else know
just how hurt she is…I wished she’d realize what a beautiful black woman
she is…

Chuchi Jacobs says:

not funny at all….guess she just wanted to put kevin hart on blast!

Mathew Steele says:


Witchy1976 says:

Her voice is so annoying.

Zack says:

But that voice gets on my freakin nerves tho

Riley James says:

The people that are laughing are her relatives..cause all 5:33 min of this
was bs.

Zack says:

This was funny but jacked up cause the only reason it was funny was because
she told Kevin harts personal business which Kevin hart never did she just
wanted to either 1: get Kevin hart back by telling his personal business or
2: just wanted some publicity by doing this

Shortiee Dorsey says:

She can talk her shit but who got the kids?Who on tv everywhere
everyday?who in maggazines?Who is a sexy chocolate drop/hartfelt?And Who
The FUCK Don’t Put Your Spouse On Blast? Kevin Hart An That’s Why His New
Women Is A Model Make Her Own Money He Don’t Need To Cheat On Her Mmm Honey

Sparklesz33 says:

what a bitch……. who goes on stage and just bashes they man? smh

jdizo21 says:

Yea its obvious shes just jealous of all the fame hes got.. he gets to
party and talk to all kinds of beatuiful women why would he look foward to
fucking this annoying bitch.. reaminds me of my ex all ways hatin.. betta
watch out boy them females are sneaky snakes they’ll try to do you dirty in
the end.. real dirty!

Montoria851 says:

Just because she was Mrs. Kevin Hart doesn’t mean she is Kevin Hart. She is
dead wrong. what goes on in your house stays in your house. What goes
around comes around

missangelL21 says:

Wow yea she’s jus angry…. Smh I feel embarssed for her. This isn’t even
funny . She might be trying to get sympathy from everyone…

mrz tweezie says:

yes all men cheat its a man thing something we will never understand women
cheat also we just dont get caught…..

Joshua Hall says:


Solja88 says:

It’s okay if she wants to make a joke about her marriage , comedians do it
all the time. She is just not funny at all, she’s got nothing on Kevin Hart.

Norris Shannon says:

Well damn.

mserica86 says:

aint nothing wrong with havin the same penis hell if it’s good keep it to
ur self

ashilimom28 says:

wow she’s a hoe. glad he left

shoryuken202 says:

@chucksohardallen lol you can’t spell

dreap1990 says:

I think she has potential…..she just needs to put in more about her
everyday life and/or other people and stop focusing solely on the cheating.

PiZzLe GpLaY says:

Lame af

nairee1014 says:

that is noot funny….

tomboy287 says:

Obviously she has no class. ur a mother with children. what do u think they
would say if they grow up and see this. shameful really. i actually fell
bad for her when i herd about their divorce but now i dont. shame on u

ItsLulu246 says:

She not funny she just bashing kevin hart and that’s not right .

Hazel Z says:

She is not a comedian……this is not good.

memphisgrownman says:


jaz mila says:

I need to hear more..because …not funny…so far!

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