Keyshia Cole – Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away)

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Music video by Keyshia Cole performing Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away). (C) 2014 Interscope Records.


Ari Lennox says:

You look stunning Keyshia <3

ajee brown says:

she look better with the blond , this make her look beautiful dat blonde :P

Boricua UniqueNails says:

Amazing song i can feel your pain through these lyrics mama. I know you
miss him but that’s a part of moving on. Made me tear up seeing you cry.
Stay strong for your handsome son. xoxo (^_^)/

Y1079FM says:

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Bay Area Compass Music says:

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Area Music

Erica Guerra says:

I feel like their is something missing in this song. Not the best she can
do. Loved the video though. I’ll stick to the oldies. 

Apryl Rodgers says:


Monique Porche says:

Is it me or something missing, this song feels dry like she barely wanted
to record it. Seem like she was sleepy recording this

Rafael Silva says:

Pretty Inez says:

The video is nice and the lyrics is to but Keyshia need some voice lessons
I still love her tho but that’s just some honest shit.

Tammi Clay says:

I love Keyshia and I’m a big fan, but I’m sorry this sing does nothing for
me, the video was hot tho.

LaCheleWallace says:

Lyrics and emotion, yes. Vocals, NO! In my mind, I want everybody to blow
like Faith Evans. There’s definitely something missing in this song. 

REBEL says:

I choose you was a much better song and that was a flop…. Keyshia go back
to the producers when you first came out… Not feeling this… Still a fan
even tho K. Michelle has won me over..

Kerry Mayers says:

That’s a lot of hair extensions… 

lola ventura says:

love the song but what happened to her?

gigglyfitzgirl says:

This is depressing. It’s almost as if she’s given up, like she’s defeated.
And I get singing about personal experiences and putting your heart into it
but I think this may be a bit too much.

DMadkin08 says:

It sucks to say but your music is the best when you are going through
something. love the song and sending my love your way. 

Kardarius Randle says:

Why is she feeling on herself? 

mindy asbury says:

She just keeps getting beautiful!!! Keep doing u ma 

Maryam Petrov says:

if ppl havent noticed the symbols here lightening 6 white pillars new
butterfly tattoo do i really need to say it ???????????

MajesticGurl Trill says:

Love keyshia.. But this song is moist,she’s basically talking in it?
Probably the first song of hers,i’ve been disappointed by.

Ashley Nichelle says:

I love this song! Everyone is complaining saying she could have came better
but I think she did a great job telling her story. Really felt her

MPVCreatioN says:

Always have some meaningful lyrics to her songs. Love it! KC is so
underrated… Need more love!!!! 

QuietstormRB says:

I’m on the fence with the Rick James record but this right here, this is
the KC I know and love. I hope her new album is filled with records like

REBEL says:

I see why she has yet to work with K. Michelle… She’s mad Kmichelle took
her spot, even though she may not say it… She’s lost her umph that she
had… I Choose You should still be popping… DAMN Keyshia

Reshma Patel says:

There is no next time 

Jay Dab says:


Zephaniah Hilaire says:

This song goes hard…

Char Doll says:

Her music is so real

xxButterfly12xx says:

Great song. 

Quani Johnson says:


Maryam Petrov says:

shes in pain man its sad

PSCompulsion says:

It’s your time to shine KC! Glad to see my favorite artist back!
#PointOfNoReturn album coming this summer! 

K Slay says:

I hate Boobie for bringing her to this….smh…she isn’t even really
singing here…she’s venting….I’m going to whip Boobie’s ass because
Keyshia usually delivers songs way better than this.

j Romi says:


Melodie MonSha McKay says:

fuck you daniel boobie gibson sr!


Amazing! I love it!

Brickzcity201 says:

this need way more views than this 

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