KICK: Hangover Full Audio Song | Salman Khan | Meet Bros Anjjan | Shreya Ghoshal

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Here is the second song from the movie KICK. Do you guys know that Salman Khan has sung this song by himself….Well you don’t get to listen to him everyday….


T-Series says:

♫Hangover Teri Yadoon Ka, Hangover Teri Batoon Ka♫….Salman Khan Singing
guys…Share it as many time as you can.
#Hangover #Kick #SalmanKhan

Rinku Chatterjee says: Every body listen.. this is one in only +Salman
Khan ‘s song… #HangOver …….. :)

Page3 Reporter says:

Here is the audio of the song #Hangover from #Kick sung by Salman Khan.

Attitude is everything says:

WTF is this!??!? EWWW

Majid Khan says:

Why are the songs so bad in this film? Was it necessary for Salman to sing?
Shreya sounds brilliant but Salman ruins it for me…

sanauthorised says:

All those loving Salman Khans singing in this – auto tune can make a monkey
sound like Lata Mangeshkar nowadays. 

Nitish Vijay says:

Jumme ki raat is much better. .. Himesh is baap of meet bros anjaan..

Nuzhat Tasnim says:

Magical voice of Salman Khan!!!!!! Lovely!


mashallah beautifull awesome wht i’m say no word of +Salman Khan
very nice singing with #sheryaghoshal may allah bless u wish u all the
best for ur movie #kick in sha allah movie is biggest blockbuster

Subah Khan says:

Beautiful song, and even more beautiful and amazing is Salman’s voice.
Never knew he sings so good. He should sing more.
Absolutely LOVED it!
#SalmanKhan #Kick 

farhana tabassum says:

Salman is always my fav

Rijaz Khan says:

Sallu bhai, your voice looks like a mixing of Adnan sami and Mohit chouhan.
Amazingly sung. I never ever expected such a beautiful melody song from
you. Hats off you bhai.. 

NikxRainForever says:

Pehlay suna toh esa laga jaisay mohit chauhan gaa raha tha .. fir
description pada tab pata chala ye toh bhai ne gaaya .. haha ek number bhai
loved it <3

Raza Zaidi says:


*Song:* Hangover Teri Yaadon Ka
*Singer:* *Salman Khan* and *Shriya Ghoshal*


Lovekesh Sachdeva says:

HANGOVER sallu teri aawaz ka..!! :)

Mala Passmore-Strong says:

VERY well done. Love the melody and the style of singing, Salman. Great
emotions coming through the lyrics!! LOVE it!!

Miro SK says:

The Bestest Greatest Full Of Soul Love Expressions Feelings The Ultimate
One And Only My Angel +Salman Khan #AngelSalmanLover 

Syedda Talqueen says:

Tune into +Salman Khan sensational singing “HANGOVER” song

The biggest “HANGOVER” Kick of +Salman Khan

Hangover teri yaadon ka
Hangover teri baaton ka +Salman Khan

Dona Biswas says:

this songs seems perfect for my summer tunes ! it’s my jam,my lady jam

Dian Love Devil says:

love you salman….

palwinder singh says:

This hangover will beat psys hangover

MrAndyback says:

Nice beat, but lyrics sucks

Tarik Jilali says:

WOW amazing Salman

Talib Azmi says:

I am First

Hala Madrid says:

lol who cares if its auto tune! The biggest singers these days use Auto
tune, pretty much all of them. 

Vidal Balkaran says:

Too much autotune but the song overall sounds really nice. 

Aura Fluturas says:

OMG Just wowww +Salman Khan your voice is magical ,,,maar jayenge tere liye
,,,,uffff mera dil <3 jaane <3

Mahnoor Mahi says:

Amazing song….<33333

Vyshak Mohan says:

*Here’s is the much awaited audio song of **Hangover** sung by none other
than* +Salman Khan 


mashallah very nice voice +Salman Khan beautifuly singing <3 <3 

soofia khan says:

#SalmanFan Its Amazingggggggg!!!! Terrifically Beautifullllll song, has
sung by One and Only SweetHeart +Salman Khan . You’v proven yourself once
You are unbeatenable and can do anything by your faith, hardwork and
I’m Loving you alll over again..What happened to me and my heart..after
listening this lovely song in your voice. Terrific….!! ;D but I Love to ;D
and thank you +Salman Khan for this Grand Grand Eidi..even before Eid..
I adore you Salman Forever, missssss you evry sec, every min, evry time 😉
All the Best to #Kick 😉 <3 <3

Snježana Stjepanović says:


King RK Mohammed says:

Its gud but not so good!!

sannah amjad says:

Awesome song salman gt a nyc voic he good with sherya they should make more
songs together

Inderjeet Dang says:

Salman did a good job in singing… 

Omar Diop says:

wow salman can sing amazing voice !

Jam rokrz says:

Jab bhi kisi bhi video ke comments dekhta hu humesha koi na koi jhagra
karte huwe hi milta hain cahe woh kisi bhi topic ke opar ho yaar yeh log
videos dekhne aate hain ya jhagra karne

Shy Zakaria says:

Love you sallu

Asad Ahmed Khan says:

😀 😀 😀 <3

sadaullah mohammad says:

So sweat song with such a lovely music…..awesome salman bhai….love you.
Those who dislike this song is jealous of you.

Anik Alam says:

too much of auto tune but the song is still legit

kamran khan says:

Awesome song…….Sallu is rocking…….

samee mohd says:

salman voice is superb this song ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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