Kimbra – “Settle Down” [Official Music Video]

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2011 WMG The official music video for “Settle Down” feat. a mix of the song by Phil Tan as heard on Kimbra’s debut album ‘VOWS’ available out now! Get VOWS…


jimo2006 says:

Still one of the top 10 performers today, in my book! I just dont get how
she hasnt had more recognition. Boggles the mind!! 

tedGEGI says:

Kimbra and Lorde——New Zealand is well represented in the music

DeadHeroKTK says:

Kimbra reminds me of Lenka the only difference is that Kimbra is from New
Zealand and Lenka is from Australia and Lenka is older.

Katie Elizabeth says:

highly creepy

Seth Nix says:

damn shes groovy

Nick Sheldon says:

You don’t need to be half naked to look amazing! :)

will hancock says:

Kimbra and lindsey stirling are at the top of my book hands down but plz
dont make me choose one i might explode

dmp1955 says:

This video is like a train wreck happening in front of you. You want to
stop watching, but you just can’t. 

tsunami770 says:

Love her. She is unique… That vocal style and those spastic movements are
not easily paired :)

Charlotte Neal says:

Kimbra has a way of making everything beautifully creepy…

flick90 says:

I loved this video, is kinda different from all the artists boring videos

Sterling Archer says:

the pom-pom and the dance are gay

Sam Comer says:

Very good voice

Alder Beams says:

Goodness gracious, this is such a delightful music video! I love how
consistently great all of Kimbra’s music videos are <3

Dennis Robinson says:

I can’t understand why the hell I like this

EV1DEN5E says:

why u no hd

Stefanny Rago says:

i love her voice, she is amazing!!!

Joseph Alexander says:

Shes only fameous because of gotye

F. King Garret says:

Kimbra is great

Jonny Cowser says:

Kimbra you make dancing fun again!

mart acher says:

Love her so much in this video.

António Guimarães says:

I don’t like this song.

skai skkit says:

Pum Pum Pum – Baa

Timon and Pumbaa :D

fredbighead says:

Kimbra’s videos continue to amaze me… IT CATCHES ON FIRE

Daniel Cervantes says:

i just love her dance steps. <3

paola moes says:


Jazmine Turman says:

=))love this song

htorLOL says:

manikins are asses

Samuel Simard says:

Kimbra! Please make your music available in all countries, it’s now
disabled in Canada. Outrageous and stupid. Why do you do that? Do you
really want me to never buy your music again and download it instead? This
is nonsense. 

Keith Buckson says:

My thoughts, as awe-inspiringly important as are in their magnificence, ;p!
It seems to be a giant game of House, just a girl playing and yet making
the play into her life. The “wax” man could be any who simply fits her
archetype “husband”, and I totally love how all the preconceived notions of
what one should want from life are burned down. Dancing in the flames of
nilism, as pieces of her crystallized childhood go up in those flames. It’s
no wonder with all the pristine and sterilized concepts why everything
seems so creepy. Like the main from the video was never really living, just
living an idea of life.All it’s missing is cake.

Moera Wai says:

Kimbra really opens music up, this is what I call real music

DreamingReality45 says:

Kimbra should be the next Mary Poppins.

TheSpockter says:

That’s a good idea

effusivevoid says:

o this is old?! i guess this is what launched her. this is uk music?

jafred uriel villaseñor rojas says:

ya dos años

Leandro Bartolini says:


Tyrone Jackson says:

cutest babe ever

Wubbit Wubbitas says:


anthony knight says:

what a voice!!

Hawaii485 says:

Kimbra is creepily hot.

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