Kings Of Leon – Beautiful War

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“Mechanical Bull” available on iTunes: Music video by Kings Of Leon performing Beautiful War. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a divis…


Sanch iKnew says:

“Love don’t mean nothing unless there’s something worth fighting for.”

cass crowe says:

Good song but the video is confusing as hell. The guy and the girl fall in
love but break up. The girl gets with the guy’s brother. The guy gets
pissed and beats his brother to death. Then the girl falls for the guy
again after he goes to prison for killing his brother over her. What?

300daysandnights says:

Shake Me down by Cage the Elephant music video will make you cry harder.

Vipul Jain says:

Am I the only one who thinks that this is an awesomely composed song that
touches all the right notes, but the video just doesn’t make any sense!

Shush Nero says:

This song just tugged on my heart strings, I’ve been ill for a couple of
days n my wife took really good care of me, then I heard this song in bed,
it just got me so emotional. 


great song!!!

shonagonx says:

I say, “Love, love – it don’t mean nothing
Unless there’s something worth fighting for.”

CourtGs says:

Very Urban Cowboy.

MsYarGar says:

this video should be a movie! love Garrett <3 

Daniel Houlding says:

Guess you guys haven’t heard k.o.l covering robyn dancing on my own cover.
Radio1 bbclive lounge
Your welcome. 

WewtJuice says:

Someone always gets their ass kicked in the Kings of Leon videos (This,
Four Kicks, Pyro, etc.)

Kgon1989 says:

can someone please explain me whats the video about? i could not understand

Anna Gottwaldová says:

This song makes me cry everytime when i’m hearing it. And the video is very
good for this song. Just perfect <3

Peter Ramirez says:

Who doesnt get this video. Guy and Woman go to a bar, Girl sees her man
being flirty, As much as us dudes do all the time, haha, girl gets jealous,
but surprising she doesnt start a scene, so she gets the brother to take
her to the bull. Guy sees whats going on in thinking, hey my brother is
stepping over the comfortable boundary being flirty back and decides hey im
going to show my brother this aint cool for him to do. Which now he is
jealous as well, then a lil drink here and there before hand gets the anger
going and boom FIGHT. Accidents happen, which became the death of the
brother. But just because dude dies the girl still has love for her man.
Jealousy does some stupid ISH in all of us.

Miguel Alvarado says:

Lane frost?..

Fernando Hernandez says:

i miss u… 

Dianne Dizon says:

absolutely beautiful song <3 <3

Destiny Slater says:

Okay so, correct me if I’m wrong but… the couple (man in prison and woman)
go to a bar. The woman sees her partner go off and flirt with another woman
so, she rides the ‘mechanical bull’ to look good in front of all the men.
When her partner angrily pulls her off, the brother stands up for her and
the man in prison gets angry that his brother has stood up to him. So the
two brothers fight, and the woman’s partner ends up killing his brother. He
takes up bull riding in prison and although he is a murderer…his woman
still loves him…?

John Plaster says:

This video clobbered me just like that guys fist. Someone said WOW. I
couldn’t agree more. Someone said Beautiful. I couldn’t agree more. I love
it. I cant say enough about it. 

Ronald Sánchez says:

That’s a very good reason why people shouldn’t drink too much.

Luca Schembri says:

WOW *.*

Dudongo86 says:

Alcohol is bad…nice video anyway

Melissa Dials says:


Ullan Slarjorliv says:

hahaha i just now recognized the song when they entered the bar , , “Family

Thetelecastermusic says:

Did anyone else think this video could be what happened to Bo when he left,
from country strong?

Denise Iris says:

It’s a #BeautifulWar. 

Oskar adrocich says:

Beautiful war

yamani valdez says:


Katherine De Gomez says:

Love this ♥
Love Caleb Followill Voice♥
Love Kings Of Leon♥

Ned Kelly says:

Love this.full stop.

Bronte Riley says:

Aww…. this video made me cry… I love the song & video. Also tge band. 

richmondballer20 says:

The bull represents a symbol of love. The man is riding it, fighting to
hold on, it is all he wants and he knows it’s rough and bumpy (like the
bull ride). He knows he messed up but will do anything to keep fighting for
her love regardless if he always falls, it other words, it’s a beautiful

Klaudia Put says:

Garett!! ♥

rey dickie says:

Country strong

Scott Kennedy says:

Great song + Great Video

Max Bernards says:

jacktheblogguy brought me here

Sophie Russell says:

my favourite song on the album, beautiful:)

James Davis says:

Reference to the sibling rivalry from a couple of the followhills.

Estevan Figliolia Fernandes says:

When he pass through the jail gate I thought he was going to death
corridor. ..

Frica James says:

Beautiful!!!!! <3

Roger Francis says:

so proud to have been in this video..

Alan Kavanagh says:

one of the most powerful songs/video’s you will ever hear/see so much truth
an life in this!

Kawaii heart says:

posted on my birthday

dowydelis says:

needs more views



Juan Barboza says:


axel perez says:

:’) exelente rola ^^

Ciaran Crowther says:

Kudos to roger Francis for commenting most actors in music videos wouldn’t
bother their arse to do such a thing

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